Best Office Partition Ideas | Top 5 Creative Room Divider Ideas for the Office - Versare

Best Office Partition Ideas | Top 5 Creative Room Divider Ideas for the Office - Versare

Posted by Versare on Sep 8th 2020

Creative & Easy Office Partition Ideas

Top 5 Office Partition Ideas for Your Workspace

Need some office partition ideas and inspiration? Read on to learn about our top creative room divider ideas to create the workspace of your dreams!

Being able to concentrate at work is vital for employees to remain effective and give excellent performance. Focusing on work is often very hard nowadays, especially in broad, open areas and shared offices.

Sharing a long office desk with your colleagues can become unbearable, especially if your performance depends on your ability to focus in a busy, noisy environment. All is fun and games until your colleague’s clutter starts entering your workspace, and your stress levels reach a boiling point.

To avoid other people's mess entering your cubicle and to turn your loud, cluttered office into a peaceful working space, you'll need some practical office partition ideas.

Easy & Creative Office Partition Ideas

When coming up with partition wall ideas, you need to distinguish what you want to achieve. Is it more privacy that you need or are you looking to  reduce office noise pollution? Would you like an entire wall, or do you only need a couple of panels?

Consider the exact partition model that would work for you, and feel free to use some of these efficient and creative room divider ideas:

Acoustic Divider Panels

1) Acoustical Wall Dividers

Acoustical panels are excellent for noise reduction. If you are in need ofpartition ideas for the office, consider using premium quality room dividers that can absorb 85% of all the noise that passes through them. They will allow your employees to work in a much quieter space. There are also many creative office partitions with sound-dampening effects.

For example, you can use  VersaPanel, a modern panel with superior sound-dampening capabilities. Available in several stylish colors, it can be installed in a S or L shape and give the entire office an edgy look while still keeping the noise to a minimum. Giving employees enough private space and quiet to focus on their tasks, modern acoustic panels can enhance your office style and provide a better working environment for everyone.

2) Privacy Screens

A privacy screen is a tri-fold panel room divider that’s easy to store. It provides excellent sound and sight privacy without taking up too much space. If you need something that instantly gives you some privacy in a shared office, this may be your best choice. You can find these creative office partitions in various fabrics and colors to match your office’s décor.

Privacy screens are connected with a unique, patented 360-degree hinge that allows easy storage and use. Every panel is wrapped with unique flame-retardant acoustical fabric. They’re also secured with an aluminum frame that makes them lightweight and provides structural durability. There are several available panel options to choose from, and you can get creative by using Velcro and pushpins to personalize your privacy screen or make it more efficient.

DIY Hush Panel Cubicle

3) DIY Hush Panel Cubicle

If you're looking for unique office partition ideas that will allow you to make your working space more efficient, but also more eye-catching, consider Hush Panel DIY Cubicles. They quickly allow you to create entire new workstations. By simply sliding the panels and posts together, you’ll create a unique arrangement. You can add extra panels infinitely and rearrange your space as your business grows.

At Versare, we offer polycarbonate partitions with a variety of opacity levels and colors. They allow you to fill your office with glowing light thanks to vibrant translucent colors that provide incredible visibility while maintaining a high privacy level. They are spray-cleanable and shock-proof, and they make splendid additions to modern offices.

4) Portable Canvas Partitions

If you’re looking for economic creative room divider ideas, choosing a quality portable canvas partition is an excellent alternative to big panel solutions since it provides remarkable benefits at a lower price. You can choose stylish portable partitions and divide office space in a way that no one would ever think you've used a cheap partition.

The portable canvas partitions from Versare have a patented 360-degree hinge that allows full range of movement to each partition panel and a variety of setup options. They are relatively easy to move or store away thanks to the durable yet lightweight canvas fabric.

sound absorbing panels for office

5) Sound Absorbing Desktop Panels for Small Offices

If you're looking for creative office partition design ideas, sound absorbing panels for the office may be the best choice for noise reduction. They offer a quick and easy way to dampen any excess noise without occupying half of your office. You can get creative and use them to pin up daily notes and to-dos.

Our SoundSorb Tri-Fold Desktop Panel is one impressive high-density piece of acoustic polyester that reduces noise in any office, no matter how small it is. It's very easy to fold and doesn't require much storing space. Thanks to its premium acoustical construction, it helps soundproof workstations and provides employees with a pleasant, private working environment.

Turn These Office Partition Ideas Into Reality

In case you still need more detailed information on how to soundproof your offices successfully, Versare offers many creative office partition ideas and solutions like partition walls, accordion wall dividers, acoustic divider panels, and more. Browse through our product section, and you’ll find the perfect room divider solutions for your office.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more information and help!