Free Standing Acoustic Panels

Reduce noise and separate space with freestanding acoustic panels from Versare. Lightweight and portable, SoundSorb™ freestanding soundproof panels create an eco-friendly acoustic partition that folds flat to store.

  • Free-Standing Acoustic Panels for a Better Work Space

    Portable and versatile, Versare's free-standing acoustic panels reduce noise and distractions for improved employee performance. You'll be amazed at the difference these noise-deadening screens make in your office environment.

    We offer several options for creating a private space that deadens ambient office noises, but they all have a few things in common. Each of our free-standing acoustic screens is easy to move and position and creates an effective sound barrier. It's like building an oasis for each of your employees!

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  • Configuring (or Reconfiguring) Your Office Space

    If you're wondering if our free-standing acoustic panels are also great for the home, the answer is a resounding "yes!" You can use these screens to create a private area in any large room — or to set up a backdrop in your home office. An acoustic panel stand is especially helpful when you're attending virtual meetings.

    As you're configuring (or reconfiguring) your office space, keep in mind that Versare also has wall-mounted acoustic panels, which significantly impact sound distribution in the workplace. If ambient noise in your office is getting out of hand, you may also wish to consider acoustic ceiling panels to deaden the noise. We have a wide assortment of dividers and sound deadeners for your home or office space.

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Advantages of Our Free-Standing Acoustic Screens

Versare enjoys many competitive advantages over other free-standing acoustic screens on the market.

Made In The USA

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Frequently Asked Questions About Free-Standing Acoustic Panels

Following are answers to some of the questions we've received about our free-standing acoustic panels. Please contact us if you're looking for additional information.

Trust Versare for the Best Free-Standing Acoustic Panels

When it's time to create private spaces for your workers – or for yourself – choose Versare. Our free-standing acoustic panels are sturdy and portable for easy placement and long life. Plus, they're made in the USA and ship to your destination free of charge. Shop our selection today and find the wall partitions that will transform your office space!