Upgrade Your Office with Versare's Modern Office Furniture Collection

Our modern office furniture works hard and looks great. Designed for modular workstations, contemporary office furniture includes office desks and office storage. Versare carries the best furniture for office work. 

Modular Office Furniture Solutions

Whether you're creating a new office space or upgrading a dated look, Versare has the ideal office furniture for the job. We supply office desks that accommodate workers' preferences for standing or sitting. Plus, we've got office shelving & storage to keep your space neat and organized. Our contemporary office furniture is designed to be portable, so you can easily position each piece wherever it's needed. 

Everything we offer at Versare is designed with an eye to quality, durability and ease of use. Along with modern office furniture, we carry a robust selection of cubicles of various sizes and types. And if you need custom cubicle panels, we can help you with that, too.

When you partner with Versare, we'll work with you to create an office environment that's more productive, professional and appealing.


Modern Office Furniture, Block by Block

Our EverBlock™ Desk Kit allows you to build your own modular workstations. Choose the size of your desk and the color of the plastic bricks you want to use. We'll send you the bricks and nesting metal desktops needed to assemble this attractive, sturdy desk furniture for office or home use. 

Here are a few ideas for putting this DIY modular desk to work:

- At Home in the Office: Build a desk that fits a contemporary office furniture scheme. 
- At Home in Home: Kids love this desk kit because it's fun and they can help you put it together.
- Sales Counter: Quickly assemble a sales counter or presentation area at a trade booth or craft fair.
- Weddings: DJs love our desk kits because they add a polished touch to their presentation. These desk kits can also be used in place of tables for the wedding cake and other activities at the wedding reception.

Frequently Asked Questions About Versare Office Furniture

Occasionally, we get questions about our office furniture and other products. Please let us know if you have a concern we haven't addressed here.


Office furniture doesn't have to be permanent. Given the shift many offices are experiencing, it's wise to invest in contemporary office furniture that can adapt to a changing workforce. Versare can help with office furniture supplies, desktop privacy screens, wall partitions and other office essentials that are as versatile as they are functional. Find everything you need to outfit your office at Versare today!