Room Dividers

Need some space? Create it with the best room dividers available. Indoor and outdoor sound blocking dividers and partitions come in every style and shape (like the accordion divider or privacy desk divider) to perfectly suit your home, office, or classroom. The partition options are endless when you use room divider panels.

Versatile Room Divider & Partition Solutions for Any Space

Versare room dividers and partitions are foldable or sliding fixtures that create separate spaces within a room. These wall partitions come in various sizes, styles and shapes. You can also enhance your room's acoustics by using our room dividers with SoundSorb™ privacy panels.

We offer room partitions that open, collapse and store in a matter of minutes. The Room Divider 360® is a portable room divider wall that quickly folds on its 360-degree hinges and can be rolled into a corner or closet for storage. Adjust these portable wall partitions from a single panel to a length of up to 25 feet and divide your classroom, workspace or training area with ease.

From offices to homes to classrooms, the uses for portable room dividers are nearly limitless, allowing you to create ad hoc spaces that you need for special events or day-to-day activities.

  • Room Partitions for Offices

    While open floor office plans were in vogue in years past, many office managers have discovered that this type of office set-up provides challenges. Workers are often less productive because of distractions and lack of privacy.

    So how do you affordably convert an open floor plan to create personalized spaces? Room partitions are the perfect solution. The flexibility of our sound blocking wall partitions enables businesses to support their teams with private spaces that promote productivity. These room dividers can be assembled or taken down at will, depending on the needs of a project or team.

    We can also pre-install acoustic panels in your room partitions to reduce noise and facilitate private conversation. Another benefit is that workers can eliminate clutter by hanging file holders, jacket hooks or whiteboards on our sound dividers.

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    Temporarily divide large areas with a partition with The Room Divider 360
  • Room Partitions for Your Home

    Residential customers appreciate how Versare's room partitions organize their living spaces. From the family room to a child's bedroom to a home office, our portable sound blocking room dividers can be adjusted to adapt to changing living arrangements.

    You can partition off an area when entertaining guests, create a video-conferencing backdrop in your home office or add a partition to a guest room when visitors need individual privacy. Since a room divider wall is portable, it can easily be folded up and stored until the next time it's needed.

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  • Portable Room Dividers for Classrooms

    Schools use room dividers and partitions to segment classrooms. It's an economical way to adapt to changing enrollment and fluctuating class sizes. The sound blocking room divider panels are also useful when teachers want to display instructional materials, colorful messaging and student artwork.

    Privacy room dividers can create privacy and declutter a space, as well as organize a room. Our portable partitions are a versatile solution for spaces of all sizes and shapes. We offer a variety of products that open, collapse, and store in a matter of minutes. The uses for room dividers are nearly limitless and allows you to create ad hoc spaces which your business or home need for special events or day to day activities.

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    The 3-panel QuickWall Folding Portable Partition features our patented 360-degree hinge with the QuickWalls.

Room dividers are versatile furniture pieces or screens used to separate areas within a room. They offer several benefits, including creating privacy, defining separate functional zones, adding visual interest to the space, and improving the overall organization and flow of the room.

There is a wide range of room dividers available to suit different needs and preferences. Common types include folding screens, sliding panels, bookcase dividers, hanging curtains or drapes, modular walls, and decorative partitions. Each type offers unique features, styles, and materials to match various interior design themes.

The cost of a room divider can vary depending on several factors, including the type of room divider, its size, material, design, and brand.

Sliding partition walls are movable walls that slide along a track system to divide or open up a space. They are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings to create flexible layouts and maximize space utilization.

Sliding partition walls offer several advantages. They provide versatility by allowing you to quickly adapt and transform a space. They save floor space compared to traditional fixed walls, enable natural light to flow through, and can be soundproofed to maintain privacy when closed.

Sliding partition walls are popular in various settings. They are frequently used in open-plan offices, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, and residential areas where flexible room configurations are desired. They allow for seamless transitions between open spaces and enclosed areas, providing functional and visually appealing solutions.