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Cubicles & Workstations

DIY Cubicles Are Here

Our slide-together Hush Panel Configurable Cubicles are an easy and affordable workstation solution. Unlike standard office cubicles, which require big budgets, big teams, and lots of time, our Hush Panels are a breeze to set up. Simply slide each post and panel together to create a truly configurable workstation solution. Fast assembly - one or two people can easily put together several workstations in just minutes!

Your Style, Your Arrangement

The Hush Panel DIY Cubicles allows you to design, grow and expand your arrangements as your company grows. It's easy to build upon your configuration by simply adding more posts and panels. The DIY nature of these cubicle partitions allows the Hush Panel system to tackle any workspace, regardless of size or shape. Open offices are a breeze to set up, and with over twenty fabric colors, these workstations will integrate seamlessly with your office furniture.

Create Workstations Quickly

Our Work Station Screens are windowed privacy screens that allow quick creation of portable or temporary workstations. Available in 1, 2, or 3-panel configurations, these privacy panels are lightweight and easy to set up. The acoustical fabric provides some sound-dampening, while the built-in polycarbonate window allows some visibility while maintaining employee privacy. Create effortless cubicles, workstations, or testing areas.

Cubes For Open Offices

Startups and corporate companies often utilize former industrial buildings or warehouses for open offices, which provides a sense of community but presents an acoustical and space control challenge for the workplace. Large spaces can often be tough to work with, but the configurable nature of our slide-together cubicles, allows any shape to be created, while the sound-dampening acoustical fabric will help eliminate excess echo.

Accessorize Your Cubicle

Enhance office privacy with our SoundSorb Work Forts desktop privacy panels. These tabletop privacy screens provide visual and acoustical privacy, while adding visual flair to any cubicle or desk. Improve employee focus, productivity and concentration affordably, or create private testing stations on any tabletop. Also be sure to check out our SoundSorb (Wall) acoustic panels for enhanced acoustical control in your office space.

Most people aspire to work for companies with wide, open office spaces. Aside from providing the freedom to move, it’s also great for collaboration and open communication. You might think cubicles, office partitions, and dividers are too restrictive and cramped. But the truth is that working in a cubicle office setup has its advantages. Not every company or department benefits from having a collaborative environment. In fact, it can even be detrimental to some job roles.

Are you interested to know if cubicles, office furniture dividers, or partitions are for you? Let’s start with the perks of using cubicles in your office.
Benefits of Cubicles
The main benefit of having office cubicles is giving employees their own comfortable space to work in. It helps with morale and increases productivity because people aren’t distracted by the noise or small talk from their co-workers.
Cubicle office setups also serve another important function. You might know that office spaces are notorious for spreading diseases quickly. Cubicle furniture dividers and cubicle walls prevent this from happening by cutting down on close contact between your employees. With the recent health crisis, proper distancing is seen as a crucial consideration when planning for office spaces.
Having cubicle office furniture is ideal for industries that deal with sensitive information, such as banks, law firms, and financial services companies. A setup that utilizes office partitions provides roles that need to regularly talk with customers, whether via phone or in person, the freedom to communicate freely. It protects the customer’s privacy by preventing colleagues from hearing what the employee and customer are talking about.
The bottom line is that cubicles are for employees that need to focus on their tasks. An open office environment, on the other hand, is much more suitable for companies that need fluid communication between staff members.
How to Pick the Right Office Cubicle System for Your Office
There are two types of cubicles that businesses can choose from. One is acoustical cubicles, which are composed of a single piece of solid wall usually made of fabric. The other is a tile frame cubicle, which can be mixed with a variety of materials from tiles to glass. While tile frames are more flexible and visually striking, they also occupy a bigger space.
When choosing the right office cubicle, you need to consider the role of the person who will be occupying the cubicle and select an appropriate size for them. Sales professionals, for example, only need a smaller cubicle of around 3 x 3 feet or 4 x 2 feet. If the employee needs to maintain a large number of physical files, then a wider 5 x 5 feet cubicle is often the bare minimum.
The last element of choosing the perfect office cubicle is identifying the extra options that need to be configured in the cubicle. You can raise or lower the walls of the cubicle if you want more privacy, more collaboration, or a compromise between the two. Electrical wiring can also be built into the cubicle divider.
Interested in a Cubicle Set Up?
Versare offers the broadest range of cubicles, furniture partitions, and screens for your office layout needs. Contact us today, and we’ll answer any questions you might have about your cubicle setup.