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Upgrade Your Office Layout with Versare's Office Cubicles & Workstations

Office cubicles, storage cubicles, and workstations offer great solutions for modern offices. Simply slide together posts and panels to create custom cubicles anywhere – a cubicle by design - no tools required. Or, choose from a selection of popular preconfigured 6x4 or 6x6 cubicle layouts. Create desktop cubicle dividers with any of the various desktop privacy panels offered. Our selection of commercial office furniture includes options perfect for home cubicle setups and cubicle office design.

  • Office Cubicles for Productivity & Privacy

    The open office concept was once popular, but many companies discovered productivity dropped when cubicles came down. Employees plugged into headphones to block distractions, which is certainly not conducive to the collaborative environment employers wanted to create. In addition, workers were more prone to spreading germs in open office settings, resulting in more sick time taken. Commercial office furniture is being reintroduced to create structured workspaces. The home cubicle has also become a trend for remote workers. Effective cubicle office design ensures both privacy and collaboration, mitigating distractions and reducing the spread of germs.

    Office cubicles and desktop cubicle dividers from Versare are an easy and affordable solution. We help you create a workplace environment that cuts down on distractions and lets your employees concentrate on the task at hand.

    Our 6x6 cubicle and other cubicle options, and workstations, are made of sound-dampening fabric panels with polycarbonate window frames for visibility. Using these two cubicle components, employers can create workspaces that allow privacy and reduce distractions while maintaining the feel of an open workspace.

    Customize Your Cubicles
    Office cubicles and workstations offer great solutions for modern offices.
  • DIY Cubicle Walls

    One reason our commercial office furnitures and office cubicle walls are popular is they're so easy to assemble. Available at this cubicle shop in 1, 2, or 3-panel configurations, our slide-together Hush Panel Configurable Cubicles are designed for quick setup. Slide the post and cubicle panels together to create a truly versatile workstation solution. One or two people can put together several workstations in minutes.

    Along with configurable cubicle walls, you can choose from various portable products to create gathering spaces or partition off certain areas. Many of our portable room dividers have wheels, making it easy to move them from space to space. Other cubicle shop portable options include:

    - Hush Screen™ Partition
    - DivideWrite™ Whiteboard Partition
    - SoundSorb™ Desktop Privacy Panels
    - MediPanel™ Barrier

    design your solution
    Simply slide together posts and panels to create custom cubicles anywhere – no tools required.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Cubicles

    Want to know more about our office cubicles and desktop cubicle dividers? Following are answers to some of the commonly-asked questions. If you want to know more, please contact us.

    Can We Expand Office Cubicle Walls as Our Business Grows?
    The Hush Panel DIY Cubicles allow you to design, grow and expand your home cubicle and cubicle office design as your company gets bigger. It's easy to build on your configuration simply by adding more posts and panels.

    Do Your Office Cubicles Come in Different Colors?
    Our Hush Panel™ office cubicles and workstations are available in over 20 fabric colors to mesh seamlessly with your commercial office furniture.

    What Other Products Reduce Noise in the Workplace?
    Wall-mounted acoustic panels reduce workplace noise to create a more productive work environment. Combine them with acoustic ceiling panels for the most effective noise-reduction solution.

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    Our Hush Panel™ cubicles and workstations are available in over 20 fabric colors to mesh seamlessly with your office furniture.

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When it's time to buy cubicles for your office, make Versare your go-to source. We have several office cubicles for sale. We also have a large selection of wall partitions, dividers and panels that provide privacy and reduce noise in the workplace. Shop Versare today!