Acoustic Panels

Improve Acoustics with Versare's Acoustic Panels & Room Dividers

Our SoundSorb™ acoustic panels for walls, acoustic ceiling panels and acoustic room dividers are the perfect solutions for reducing noise levels and ambient sounds in workspaces, recording studios and restaurants. Create your own room with acoustical wall panels using Versare's sound absorbing panels.

  • Tone Down the Sound With Acoustic Panels

    Improve the sound quality in your room with acoustic panels. By strategically placing acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, you can prevent the noise build-up that renders speech unintelligible.

    Our SoundSorb™ panels create a calmer, quieter environment where others can interact and communicate effectively. And our acoustical VersaPanel™ partition wall and VersaFold™ room divider reduce noise while creating a separate, private space. We have many options for acoustic panels that improve sound quality without detracting from your room's décor.

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    Mix and match the SoundSorb Acoustic Shapes to create a unique design for the room
  • Dampen Sound Stylishly

    Versare's acoustic panels come in many shapes and designs. You can find acoustic wall panels that serve multiple functions, as they reduce echo and serve as decorative room accents.

    Our premium, USA-made SoundSorb™ panels create a stylish way to control acoustics in any space. You can find these acoustic panels in an assortment of colors and styles, allowing you to create an inviting environment accompanied by a sense of tranquility.

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    Boost privacy and productivity with the unique split-lock connecting design of the SoundSorb X-Fit Desktop Privacy Panel.
  • Types of Acoustic Panels

    There are three types of acoustic panels you can install in your space:

    - Acoustic Ceiling Panels: You can use a standard ceiling grid to install acoustic ceiling panels, or you can choose suspended acoustic canopy tiles. Finally, you can hang acoustic baffles that absorb sound on all sides.

    - Wall-Mounted Acoustic Panels: Acoustic wall panels are as attractive as they are functional, trapping sound while making a design statement with muted colors and various shapes that enhance your décor.

    - Free-Standing Acoustic Panels: By using these acoustic room dividers, you can mute noise wherever it's needed. Move these acoustic panels around to achieve the desired effect. Free-standing acoustic dividers are ideal for creating private spaces in larger areas where multiple conversations are distracting.

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    The acoustic-ribbed fabric and heavy foam core give this partition an NRC rating of 0.30.
  • Acoustic Ceiling Panels Reduce Office Noise

    Placing acoustic panels in your ceiling is the perfect choice if you're looking for an unobtrusive sound-damping panel. Extremely lightweight, these tiles are also fire-resistant, mold-proof, moisture-proof and environmentally friendly.

    Bustling offices can generate a lot of noise, especially in open office spaces or restored warehouses. Cut down on office echo by installing ceiling-mounted acoustic panels in any hallway, meeting room or conference room.

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    Reduce noise and create an attractive visual element with hanging acoustic baffles.
  • Acoustic Panels for Walls

    Acoustic panels aren't limited to the corporate workplace. They're commonly used in recording studios, theaters, schools, airports and restaurants.

    Acoustic wall panels enable a reduction of resonance without attempting to eliminate it (which is the function of soundproofing panels). Constructed in many shapes and sizes, you can minimize ambient sounds while maintaining a modern, sleek aesthetic.

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    Cut down the loud noises in a busy restaurant by dividing the big open areas.
  • Freestanding Acoustic Room Dividers

    If you have an area in your office that you need to divide while reducing the noise transmitted between the space, an acoustical partition wall is ideal.

    You may also choose desktop privacy panels to dampen the sound inside your workstation. Our acoustic dividers provide superior sound suppression without sacrificing style. Classrooms can also benefit from acoustic room dividers, which promote students' focus and attention by reducing ambient noise and removing visual distractions.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Acoustic Panels

    What Are Your Acoustic Panels Made Of?
    Our SoundSorb™ acoustic panels are composed of 60% recycled material that comes from PET bottles. The result is a strong, soft fabric with acoustic properties. The NRC ratings on our acoustic dividers and panels vary. See the individual product descriptions for more information.

    What Colors of Acoustic Wall Panels Do You Have?
    We offer acoustic panels for walls in five colors. Choose from black, beige, blue or two shades of grey.

    How Tall Are Acoustic Room Dividers?
    Depending on the model you choose, you'll find acoustic room dividers from 4 feet to over 7 feet high.

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    Lessen the noise in your workspace.

Modern room dividers are characterized by sleek and contemporary designs. They often feature clean lines, minimalistic aesthetics, and innovative materials like glass, acrylic, or metal. Modern room dividers are intended to blend seamlessly with modern interior styles.

Modern room dividers can transform a space by adding a touch of elegance and functionality. They can serve as decorative elements, create visual interest, and contribute to an open-concept layout while still providing a sense of separation and privacy.

Popular designs for modern room dividers include sliding panels with geometric patterns, translucent screens with embedded LED lighting, modular systems that can be customized according to individual needs, and freestanding dividers with artistic elements, such as laser-cut patterns or unique textures.