Creating Flexible Space Anywhere

Dampen Sound Stylishly

Acoustic sound panels come in a variety of shapes and designs. Some acoustic panels can be placed on desks to create a visual and auditory barrier. You can even find acoustic wall panels that serve multiple functions, as they can reduce echo and be a creative aesthetic piece. Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels installed into rooms or on to furniture to greatly reduce noise and ambient sounds. With many companies adopting open-space layouts, echoing is becoming an issue and affecting productivity. As a result, sound dampening panels are increasing in popularity. 
Our premium, Made In The USA sound panels create a stylish way to design and control acoustics in any space. Our Wall-Mounted SoundSorb Acoustic Panels attach to walls for easy installation to elegantly eliminate excess echo from your room. Hanging acoustic panels are a cross between wall panels and ceiling panels. Crafted to be hung from the ceiling, these durable acoustic panels provide superior sound-dampening. You can find these hanging acoustic panels in an assortment of colors and style, allowing you to create an inviting environment that is accompanied by a sense of tranquility.

Reduce Office Noise

Acoustic ceiling tiles are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an unobtrusive sound-damping panel. Extremely light-weight, these tiles are installed in a standard drop ceiling grid. For an extra measure of security, these acoustic panels are fire-resistant, mold-proof, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly. Bustling offices can generate a lot of noise, especially in open office spaces or restored warehouses. Cut down on office echo by hanging our wall-mounted or ceiling mounted acoustic panels in any hallway, meeting room, or conference room.

Sound pollution is becoming an ever-increasing issue in professional spaces with the rapid adoption of open-floor layouts. You can improve the auditory ambiance as well as the overall comfort of a room with the proper application of sound-absorbing panels. Our sound absorbing product is simple and will work well for any company experiencing any unnecessary noise pollution. Allow employees to focus in a quieter environment - our large variety of color choices allow these acoustic panels to integrate efficiently and effectively in offices large and small.


Sound Panels for Studios

Acoustical panels aren’t limited to the corporate workplace, though. They are commonly used in recording studios, theaters, schools, airports, and restaurants. Acoustic panels allow the space to reduce resonance without attempting to eliminate it completely, which would be the function of soundproofing panels. Sound reverberation can lead to troublesome noises mixing with already loud environmental sounds and voices. The inability to focus, moral fatigue and difficulty understanding conversations are a few to name.

An acoustic panel comes with an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient). This rating, which comes in a range between 0 and 1, indicates the efficiency of the panel to absorb sound. Soundproof panels are designed to inhibit sound from exiting or entering a room. Wall-Mounted acoustic panels are mounted onto your wall to control surplus noise in an environment. Constructed in a multitude of shapes and sizes, you can minimize ambient sounds while maintaining a modern, sleek aesthetic. These wall-mounted acoustic panels are ideal for conference rooms, home sound studios, and more!
VersiPanel in a studio reducing noise

Eliminate Restaurant Echo

If you have a room that you need to divide while reducing the noise transmitted between the space, then an acoustical partition wall is ideal or you. As many buildings, especially those built for office environments, use concrete, metal, and glass throughout the construction, sound reverberation can be a major issue. These portable walls provide superior sound suppression without sacrificing style. Designed with modularity in mind, you can arrange a partition wall in a variety of shapes to create the space that fits your needs. 

A busy restaurant is great for business but tough on conversations. Simmer down your screaming patrons with a series of sound panels. Our premium sound panels or acoustic partitions are a great way to cut down on restaurant noise while improving the visual interest of the area. Paired with our acoustical partition walls, such as the Room Divider 360, restaurant owners can better control crowds while absorbing sound and keep their patrons happy.

Improving Student Focus

Desktop privacy panels are the perfect solution for anyone who works in a crowded office space. These privacy panels are designed to dampen sound inside your workstation without being an eyesore to your co-workers. As a result, it’s the best way to create a private space, allowing you to focus on your projects. Classrooms can benefit too from noise-reduction to aid student focus and attention. The acoustical properties allow students to focus and concentrate, while the visual barrier provides privacy for exams or special projects. 

If you work in an open-floor office environment with co-workers sharing a long table, then a tri-fold desktop panel can give you the space to work in peace. It can be set up on any large flat space to easily provide privacy to employees. Once you’re ready to leave, the tri-fold desktop panel packs up for easy storage.


How Can Versare Help with Your Acoustic Panel Needs?

Versare can provide you with the perfect auditory environment. We take pride in working with businesses and homeowners who are looking for the optimal way to reduce resonance in their rooms. You can rely on us to answer any questions you may have regarding office partitions, room dividers, acoustic panels, privacy screens, and cubicle walls. Plus, we have a price-point that makes privacy solutions possible.