Creating Flexible Space Anywhere

Open and Shut Case

Our portable partitions are a versatile solution for spaces of all sizes and shapes. We offer a variety of products that open, collapse, and store in a matter of minutes. The Room Divider 360 is a portable partition wall that quickly folds on its 360-degree hinges and can be rolled into a corner or closet for storage. The StraightWall Sliding Room Divider has an easy installation and is an adjustable wall that slides out just as easily as it slides back together. Adjust this portable partition from a single panel to a length of up to 15'6'' and divide your classroom, workspace, or training area with ease.

Modern Office Solutions

Looking to revamp the interior of your open office or building? Forget the old-fashioned design of accordion doors and cubicles. Try the Operable Wall, available in Folding and Sliding systems, to create a conference room. The wall-mounted, floor-based partition can cover spaces of up to 12' high and 19'2'' long, with an option to connect two via opposing walls. For break areas or more peaceful work stations, the Hush Screen portable wall is just the ticket. The 2'' thick acoustical panel keeps the peace, while its semitransparent window allows light to flow within the office.

Class is in Session

If it's an interesting configuration you want, the VersiPanel will exceed your needs. A floor-to-ceiling portable wall, the VersiPanel can serve as a wall between classes within larger rooms. With acoustical ribbed fabric and a heavy foam core, VersiPanel dampens sound. And its construction of multiple small panels makes it flexible enough to create an S, C, or L shape. For an affordable option, the MP10 is a canvas version of the Room Divider 360. Quickly create activity and study areas, conference room dividers with bright colors to keep your students alert and focused on education.

360 Degrees, Countless Uses

Need to divide a restaurant? Want privacy for your spray tan clientele? Or is crowd control your end goal? The Room Divider 360 does all of that and more. To provide a private area for commercial events or large dining parties during special occasions, the acoustical fabric version of the portable panel is your go-to. For spray tan salons, the polycarbonate panel version makes cleaning a cinch. Polycarbonate makes crowd control and foot traffic guidance easier as well, with a translucent quality that allows for visibility and passage of light.

Work of Art

Whether you're displaying a project or works in a gallery, museum, lobby, or classroom, we offer solutions to help you divide space and keep art secure. The Quick-Wall (Folding) is a no-nonsense portable accordion partition with optional wheels. With a sturdy aluminum panel frame and tackable acoustic fabric in neutral or bright options, this portable wall makes for the perfect display and view. To add a little whimsy to your classroom or children's museum without losing sturdiness, try the VersiPanel Jr. which is fully tackable, allowing it to double as a portable wall and colorful art partition.

Improve Your Space With Partition Walls and Dividers

Partition walls are foldable fixtures that are used to divide space within a room. These partitions come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. If you are an office manager, run your own business, or are a homeowner or renter that wants a more organized living or workspace, then partition walls are for you. Privacy partitions dividers can create privacy and declutter a space, as well as organize a room.

Improving Your Work From Home Station With Partition Walls

It can be distracting when you are working from home. One solution is to section off working spaces, using partitions panels for both your room and for the table or desk.

Using a folding wall dividers creates a discrete space where you can let your family and roommates know this is a work zone. In this area, you are declaring that things must be kept neat, you are not to be distracted, and that you control this space for the purposes of work. This also helps your at-home partners as well – other spaces are not work zones and are for other household activities. Using wall partitions can help roommates and families create organized zones for work, family, and play. Partitions also help keep down the noise. Since a wall partition is portable, at the end of the day these partitions can be folded up, announcing an end to the workday. Partitioning walls that fold and then can be stored are a great option for homes and offices.

Portable Privacy Screens

Partitioning panels have been used for centuries as a means of providing privacy for changing, creating sectioned off spaces for storage, or for establishing boundaries and spaces in rooms. The terms “portable privacy screen” and “portable room divider” are often used interchangeably, but here we will use the term to mean using a partition wall to create personal privacy spaces. Portable office walls for home and business use has been used for millennia as a means to control space and traffic flow.

In combination with the work-from-home station, portable privacy screens can be used to create a bookshelf concept. Combine your partitioning screen divider with a bookshelf or filing cabinet and create a place where documents are stored, while also dividing off space from the rest of the room, to create an office style space. The same kind of setup can be used with a vanity and clothes drawers, for a set up that is similar to a classic dressing room.

 Portable Room Dividers

Working on a larger scale, portable and collapsible room dividers can create for you rooms within rooms. A room divider can create a play space for your kids. In an office setting, two room dividers, a couch, and a console can create a video game play area for your employees (or guests!) who need to destress.

Divider panels can surround a table and chairs so that your team now has a private meeting area. Portable room dividers are also great for use in the bedroom, to set up a temporary dressing area.

The uses for room dividers are nearly limitless and allows you to create ad hoc spaces which your business or home need for special events or day to day activities.

Partition Walls For The Home

Privacy partitions come in a all manner of styles. Partition walls for home use are more often translucent or transparent, since parents want to keep their eyes on their kids and natural light is healthy for a home. This is in contrast to the darker tones and solid colors for partitions found in offices. Home partitions also tend to have smaller dimensions, since homes are overall smaller spaces compared to large offices. However, these are not hard and fast rules.

Partition Walls For Offices

With open floor office plans so much in vogue, using partition walls in offices represents a different set of challenges. Workers often have a desire to set up their own personalized spaces, and having this control leads to greater productivity. However, as is shown in cutting edge offices such as that at Bloomberg Center, the need to be flexible with space and privacy is critical.

Joining a large group of partition walls together can create entire temporary office sections for temporary working groups. These can be assembled or taken down at will, depending on the needs for a particular project or team. These will be more solid partitions that will be made of materials that will allow for the easy hanging of file holders, jacket hooks, and whiteboards. This flexibility enables businesses to support their teams with the privacy that they need and to create the spaces that enable productivity.

Versare helps you create the space you need. We work with businesses and homeowners and supply the best in partition wall products. Let us answer your questions about creating the best living and working spaces possible.