Tips for creating a comfortable nap area

Posted by Versare on Mar 16th 2023

A comfortable, quiet nap is a great way to recharge and refresh. And it’s a necessity for pre-K kids since it can improve their ability to learn and focus during the rest of the day. A few basic tips can help you create a comfortable and inviting nap area as an element of your classroom design.

If you can, choose a location that’s quiet and away from distractions or noise. If you have a large classroom, you may be able to use temporary or semi-permanent walls to create a separate room or corner for napping. If your space is limited, you can use partitions or screens to create a more private and intimate space for your students.

When designing your nap area, consider the size and layout of the space. Think about the number of students you have in your class and make sure to provide enough space for each to rest comfortably. Consider the flow: Give students enough space to move around and access their blankets and pillows without bumping into each other. Create a designated pathway for students to follow when entering and exiting the nap area, to help keep the space organized and avoid accidents.

Provide enough room for your students to stretch out and relax—and add plenty of soft blankets and pillows for your students to rest on. A small table or shelf for each student to store a personal item, such as a stuffed animal or favorite book, can help them feel more comfortable and at home.

With the ongoing threats of COVID, flu and RSV, remain vigilant about cleanliness and hygiene. Ask parents to supply a clean blanket and pillow. Encourage your students to wash their hands before and after napping. By promoting good hygiene and cleanliness, you can help keep your students healthy and comfortable during nap time.

With these few basics and some supporting structure, your nap area can be comfortable, inviting, and conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. And help give both you and your little students a productive and peaceful day.

Would you like to explore options for outfitting your nap area? At Versare, we help schools and other facilities create the space they need in the space they have with solutions that include room dividers, custom cubicles, and modular blocks, flooring and panels.