Cultivate a Backyard Sanctuary with Outdoor Partitions and Screens

Jun 6th 2024

Let’s face it: Even though you may “love thy neighbor,” from time to time we want to step outside on the patio or backyard without having to strike up a conversation. Fences and brick walls can do the trick (though costly), but adding outdoor partitions, screens, or planters can block a nosey neighbor’s or peeking passerby’s view for good.

Our backyards are extensions of our indoor living space, so they need to be as relaxing, comfortable, and functional as possible. Enjoy privacy and peace with these outdoor partition ideas from Versare.

Why Should You Integrate Outdoor Partitions in Your Backyard?

Versatile outdoor partitions transform your patio, deck, porch, or balcony into a secluded oasis, shielding you from neighbors and pedestrians. Our privacy screens are designed to be both functional and fashionable, allowing you to create a blissful backyard that reflects your style. There are lots of ways you can turn your backyard into a private slice of paradise, and we’re here to help.

  • Unwind in Privacy: Block unwanted views (think garbage bins, utility boxes, air conditioning units, etc.) and create a section for relaxation, perfect for pool or hut tub areas, sunbathing decks, or simply enjoying your own company.
  • Zone It Out: Section off your space for different activities, like a reading nook, yard games, grilling area, and dining space. Partitions can even act as windbreakers or provide shade and protect oneself from direct sunlight.
  • Style Up Your Space: Go beyond function with stylish partitions — choose from natural wood slats, waterproof wicker, UV resistant fabric panels, ornate metal, or living walls with vines to match your taste and add a touch of visual interest to your outdoor area.

Versare’s Roundup of Outdoor Privacy Screens and Ideas 

Let’s dive right into Vesare’s collection of outdoor products and showcase some ideas to help sprout some new ideas for your backyard,

  • Single Panels: Keep it simple with one of our outdoor privacy screen panels that can be positioned where they're needed most. We have two different one-panel options — Single Panel Outdoor Wicker Partitions and Single Panel Outdoor Privacy Screens. Both are waterproof, UV resistant, and can be staked into the ground (staking hardware not included), perfect for withstanding the elements, and can complement your outdoor décor while shielding you from sight. It’s perfect for smaller balconies and patios and for dining corners, and for commercial settings, it’s a fantastic divider to section off spaces in between resort pool chairs and seating areas.
  • Folding Divider: For larger, maximum coverage, the Folding Outdoor Wicker Partitions and Folding Outdoor Privacy Screens are your best options. These too are UV resistant, waterproof, and can be staked into the ground. And these privacy partitions are available in three- or five-paneled designs, expanding across bigger areas like an outdoor entertaining area or larger dining spaces. 
  • Planter Partition: Change up the décor of your patio or balcony with the Wicker Flower Pot Partition. Add your favorite greenery or flowering blooms to add a natural touch or pop of color to your space, while also doubling as a privacy wall. This too is waterproof and UV resistant.

Take Your Yard from Drab to Fab

Craving a sizzling summer hangout but stuck on ideas? We got you! We’re here to transform your space, ignite your backyard mojo, and create an alfresco escape that's the (secluded) star of the neighborhood. Start by browsing our outdoor products and reach out to or 855-323-8126 to ask any questions along the way!