Affordable Solutions to Transform Your Workspace in 2024.

Jan 16th 2024

There’s no better time than the new year to spruce up your office and make it work better for you and your team. Economical solutions from Versare are as flexible and varied as your needs, helping you make a big difference that’s also budget-friendly.

Maximize the potential of your workspace and your people with versatile, value-minded solutions that can address any space need. Versare’s partitions, acoustic room dividers and workstation screens starting at $250 are hard-working, affordable all-stars that can make any space work better.

Offer on-demand privacy

Make an open office space more flexible with a wall-mounted QuickWall® Folding Partition. When teams need a private meeting space or you simply need to create distinct areas, this is an economical solution that makes sense for any budget. Extending over 8 feet with 3 different height options, the QuickWall Folding Partition creates instant privacy in any space. With locking casters and a patented 360° hinge, you can configure the partition however you need. Customize your QuickWall and add style with multiple fabrication options, including polycarbonate, wood grain, fabric, and sound-dampening panels to reduce noise.

Create instant workspaces

Versare’s portable Workstation Screens are an economical and versatile way to create private work areas for your team or separate spaces for specific activities. Customize to your needs with a single-panel, two-panel or three-panel configuration with or without windows. Lightweight and flexible, these privacy screens are available in multiple colors and fabrications to create a professional-looking workspace that will add interest and greater functionality to your environment.

Reduce noise and increase productivity

Make your space more conducive to work with two smart, affordable solutions to decrease ambient noise and boost productivity. With acoustic-ribbed fabric and a heavy foam core, both the VersaPanelTM Acoustical Partition and VersaFoldTM Acoustical Room Divider boast an NRC rating of 0.80 to absorb sound and keep your workplace quieter. Featuring magnetic connectors, you can link multiple units together for a stylish wall or backdrop or create a space for recording or podcasting.

You don’t need to sacrifice quality to get affordable solutions that let you flex and plan a perfect workspace. Take steps today to make your workspace more versatile, flexible and functional.

Need new ways to sharpen up your workspace and stay on budget? Count on Versare for more affordable, versatile solutions that will help you create the space you need in the space you have.