Creating Flexible Space Anywhere

What are Medical Privacy Screens?

As the world continues to come to terms with the current health crisis, there has been an increase in demand for hospital room dividers. Versare has addressed these health safety concerns by crafting solutions for clinics, hospitals, and individual doctors to maintain strict adherence to the ever-changing regulations to serve their patients better.

Hospital room dividers and medical partitions are a frequent sight in the majority of healthcare facilities. These medical privacy screen room dividers are essential to medical units as they provide patients with a secure area, enhancing overall sanitation. Hospital privacy screens also allow doctors and clinicians the privacy and comfort to tend to their patients without prying eyes. Medical privacy screens come in a variety of forms, each serving a specific purpose, tailored to requirements set by each medical facility's needs.

Benefits of Medical Partitions

Mobile medical room dividers offer many benefits that provide patients the room to feel relaxed when being attended to by medical staff. Moreover, by utilizing a portable privacy curtain, medical professionals can secure a sanitized and sectioned off space to perform their duties. With proper application, medical curtain room dividers can facilitate both visual obfuscation and sound-absorption. A hospital room divider can shelter the patient and medical personnel from unwanted attention and distractions, allowing for free communication.

With the correct medical partition installed, medical staff is less prone to clerical errors, and patients have the security to speak openly about their medical condition. As a result, the medical facility’s customer experience is enhanced overall. The portable nature of a medical divider makes it an excellent addition to any treatment center.

Hospital Room Dividers and Health Protection

As this global health crisis has affected nearly every level of the medical industry, it’s becoming more apparent that space is a critical factor in dealing with future treatment. The only solution to handle these phenomena is with the application of hospital room dividers.

This is why Versare has designed medical room dividers to maximize the constraints of a room. Constructed from polycarbonate, they are easy to sanitize with a mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge. Our medical privacy screens come in various shapes extending from full-sized end units that provide enhanced stability to individual countertop sneeze guards designed to prevent unwanted contact while at your desk.

Versare builds medical partitions using extruded aluminum joined with cast aluminum corner joints. This aluminum frame, along with 360-degree cast aluminum hinges, allows rooms to be configured to the medical care center, hospital, clinic, or school’s exact needs. We even offer room dividers that can support the weight of dry erase boards and flat screen monitors. While they provide a translucent opacity, these polycarbonate panels can let light in without being accompanied by germs.

How to Choose the Right Medical Divider

Each medical facility's needs are unique to itself. With this in mind, Versare offers a line of medical room dividers to suit various purposes.

MediWall Folding Partition

The MediWall Folding Partition is the baseline in affordable privacy partitions; it can accommodate a multitude of environments. An excellent choice for nursing stations, vaccination areas, and a room that needs to be sectioned off for privacy, the MediWall can be positioned to maximize space. Constructed from extremely durable polycarbonate plastic panels, the MediWall can be moved rapidly without fear of breaking down. It is also easy to maintain, needing only to be spray-cleaned to create a sanitized site.

The MediWall is ready to be deployed in either Clear Fluted and Opal Fluted polycarbonate panels, offering two opacity varieties. This allows ample light to enter the divided space without the risk of contamination.

ClearView Folding Countertop Screen

Versare has released the ClearView Folding Countertop Screen for when prescribed social distancing can’t be followed. The Countertop Screen can help mitigate risk to healthcare professionals and clients who need to interact during this crisis.

The Countertop Screen has been designed to allow medical staff to comfortably work in close proximity with patients without the fear of spreading airborne illnesses. This screen comes in two versions: one style offers a small opening to allow for small items to be passed between parties, and the other is constructed with a framed space for larger objects.

MediPanel Portable Divider

The MediPanel Portable Divider is an excellent option for pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, waiting rooms, and reception areas. Easy to clean and extremely mobile, the MediPanel Portable Divider has the versatility to adapt to any environment.

Why Versare?

Versare offers an affordable alternative to construction and renovation with our premier line of hospital room dividers. Easy to assemble, our movable walls, portable and retractable room dividers, partitions, and privacy screens offer the safest and most effective solution for medical facilities to enhance their operations. Designed with quality in mind, Versare takes pride in delivering a top-of-the-line product at the lowest prices. If you need to divide your space to ensure privacy, contact Versare today.