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Countertop Screen

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Countertop Screen

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In response to current health safety concerns associated with the current crisis and the unprecedented demand for enhanced separation between individuals, Versare has developed a solution for businesses to help maintain social distance as they continue to serve their customers. 

The Countertop Screen has been created to provide comfort and relief to employees and their customers by helping to prevent the spread of disease during direct interaction in close proximity. The product is available in two styles; a lower opening for the transfer of small items, or a framed opening for larger point of sale items.  

The Countertop Screen is a 6’8” w x 3' h polycarbonate panel that forms a shield to help prevent the direct physical and airborne spread of germs. The panel transparency allows for items to be scanned at checkout through the screen, preventing the physical contact needed to transfer products. The credit card terminal can be placed on the customer’s side of the partition while keeping the register on the employee’s side, providing additional safety. An opening at the bottom of the partition allows for the transfer of small items, papers, or payment for transactions. The Window model features an 8¼" w x 13¾" h opening for most point of sale situations. The Countertop Screens are easy to clean with any mild soap or common disinfectant, these partitions are also lightweight, portable, and fully collapsible, making them versatile and easy to store.

Social distancing protocols cannot always be followed. The Countertop Screen may significantly lower the health safety risk for employees and customers in industries that must continue to operate during this crisis.

The Countertop Screen is perfect for:

  • Pharmacies
  • Grocery Stores
  • Banks
  • Convenience Stores
  • Hospitals / Clinics
  • Reception / Front Desk
  • Retail POS
  • Car Dealerships

Due to high demand and current supply, slight variation in dimension, material and appearance may exist between new and past orders with this Versare Health Protection product.  Versare is focused on providing you the best possible product and we continue to operate with this model.  All component and feature changes are driven by product improvement and customer satisfaction.

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Aluminum frame and polycarbonate panel.


Fully collapsible for easy storage. Panels stack together to a depth of only 3 inches.


Features include a choice of a low opening for the transfer of small items such as receipts or payment transactions, or a framed 8½" w x 13¾" h opening that allows for larger point of sale items.


The clear polycarbonate allows barcodes to be scanned at checkout through the panel, preventing physical contact from transferring products.


The tri-fold polycarbonate panels helps to mitigate airborne contact from coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc while allowing complete visibility.


Each tri-fold panel measures 3' h x 6'6" w. The "non window" version includes foot hardware that adjusts to 1¼", 2½" or 4½" heights.


Each panel weighs 24 pounds, providing sturdiness so it is not easily tipped over. Additionally, adhesive strips or glue can hold the feet in place for added stability.


Polycarbonate panels are flame-resistant to help meet community and workplace guidelines.

This product will ship ground via UPS or FedEx and delivered to your door, unless you are purchasing 12 or more units, in which case it will be shipped on a pallet via freight.

Orders that are shipped on a pallet via freight will require someone at your location to remove the product(s) off of the truck. If you need the product(s) lowered to the ground or brought inside your building, you can add those additional delivery services at checkout for a small fee.


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