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Our made-in-Minneapolis room dividers and privacy screens can help you arrange and organize your coworking space while maintaining an open community feel. From desktop privacy screens to large partition walls, we provide affordable, space-saving solutions for offices large and small.

You Can't Compare Versare

Whether workers in a coworking space need to collaborate on a project, conduct a meeting, or focus individually on high-priority jobs, Versare offers a solution.

Made In The USA

Our premium privacy screens are hand-built according to your customizations. We ship directly within 48 hours.

Completely Customizable

In addition to 21 fabric colors, we offer stylish woodgrain laminate or transparent polycarbonate panel options.

Quality Craftsmanship

We stand by our work. We're so confident in the quality of our privacy screens, we offer warranties ranging from 1-3 years.

Safer, Sturdier Frames

Unlike outdated steel dividers on the market, our aluminum frame construction and low profile casters provide enhanced safety.

Because coworking spaces are already a leap beyond the common office, you need a solution that can go leaps and bounds beyond the common room divider. Versare’s portable partitions enable you to convert your coworking space into offices, classrooms for training and mentoring, gaming and coding rooms for hackathons and competitions, sequestered meeting rooms, podcast and vlogging areas, private lounges and more. The only limit to what you can do with our office dividers is your imagination.

Create Room Space Now

The portability and versatility of our room dividers allows you to alter the shapes of rooms according to project and team member sizes. Fully-collapsible, partitions like our Room Divider 360 can create rooms of varying sizes quickly and easily. Our DIY cubicle partitions will help you create large, acoustical, and affordable cubicles in just minutes. The configurable nature of our cubiclepartitions allows you to reconfigure your arrangement as your team grows.

Dampen Noise Affordably

Control acoustics and dampen sound with our sound panels! Mount our desktop privacy panels to any tabletop and create a sight and sound barrier that will add much-needed privacy to employee workstations. Want to eliminate room echo in large spaces? Affix any of our premium sound panels to your wall or ceiling and end excess echo. Our acoustical panels and partitions are an excellent way to improve concentration and focus while creating workstation privacy.

Privacy In A Community

Community and collaboration are a big part of coworking spaces. Our portable walls and dividers are an ideal way to create space while maintaining the open feel and communal atmosphere of an open office space. Our portable partitions are ultra-affordable, making them a perfect choice for coworking spaces or blossoming startups. Create private, acoustical rooms for podcasts, or use our sound panels in private lounges or phone booths to nullify noise and increase privacy. We're certain we have a product or two that will fit your coworking space and enhance the community experience for its patrons.


Versare gave us 110% satisfaction, from beginning to receiving and now every day we use these portable walls.

Mario Herrera – Santuario De San Martin Catholic Church, NM

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