Protect Employees and Guests in Your Space with Versatile Solutions.

Posted by Versare on Jun 29th 2023

With high unemployment, keeping good employees engaged and satisfied in their work – and their workplace – is essential. And with a rise in workplace violence, creating a safe environment is critical.

Workplace violence incidents, including active threats, are more common than we may think. A report from the Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM) found that nearly a quarter of American workers said their workplace has had at least one incident of workplace violence, and nearly half of human resources professionals said that their organization had experienced a workplace violence incident at some point.

Mass shootings have become more common across the country as well. On May 30, 2023, the 150th day of the year, CBS News reported that there have been 263 mass shootings in the U.S. with 327 killed. Those figures are the highest ever recorded. These sobering statistics make it even more important that employers ensure that workplaces are safe and that workers understand how to handle active shooter scenarios.

Your security plan is essential.

Employees feel better and safer if a security plan is in place, they are made aware of it and understand how to respond should a threat occur. For employees in high-risk occupations, including any business facing the public and higher-risk industries such as healthcare, it is vital to have security plans in place to help address workplace violence incidents.

  • Start with a risk assessment. Identify the areas where your company may have more specific risks of violence both from within and outside the organization.
  • Create an interdisciplinary threat management team. These are the go-to people that will help to manage and potentially de-escalate the situation or call authorities.
  • Develop a customized workplace safety and security plan. After assessing higher risk areas and functions, leverage resources, such as OSHA, the FBI, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), ASIS International, or experts to help you create your plan.

Whether you have warehouse locations, traditional office spaces, hospitals and clinics, religious, education or retail spaces – an up-to-date security plan is of paramount importance today.

Make a versatile and safer space

Your security plan will identify areas for surveillance, alarms and sensors, and locations for visitor management and access control technology. Beyond that, there are smart choices you can make to add another layer of protection for employees and guests.

New products from Versare incorporate ballistic-grade material yet blend into your space – disguising their ability to stop bullets from handguns and semi-automatic rifles. They also can be customized to your environment with up to 22 fabric colors to complement your décor or brand colors.

ShieldWall Bullet Resistant Portable Partition

Functional and flexible, ShieldWall partitions can efficiently divide space for collaboration or quiet work, team building or private conversations, small group meetings or focused work. As a versatile room divider, ShieldWall reconfigures quickly and easily to adapt to your needs and the needs of a rapidly changing workforce. Just as important, ShieldWall has a hidden safety quality to protect anyone in your space – a ballistic-grade core tested to stop handgun bullets.

ShieldWriteTM Bullet Resistant Whiteboard

Today’s tools need to be as dynamic as your workplace, and ShieldWrite is a highly mobile whiteboard that goes wherever you need it, even in an emergency. ShieldWrite is uniquely sized, making it agile and adaptable for any situation: problem-solving, training, collaboration, charting work plans and milestones, and even hallway signage. With everyday utility, ShieldWrite blends into any environment but offers a ballistic-grade core tested to stop multiple rounds from semi-automatic, AR-15 style rifles. In the event of an active threat, ShieldWrite can be pushed or pulled to create a protective shield to escape, block a window or door, or with multiple units, block a hallway or access point to allow a larger group to run to safety.

Make safety a priority for your workspace

Careful consideration and safety planning will demonstrate that you care about your most valuable assets – your people. With a workplace security policy and easy-to-use defensive products, employees and visitors will feel safe entering your spaces – leading to a better experience for all and a better reputation for your business.

Provide more flexibility and enhance the protective measures in place for those who use your space.