Plan Now to Improve Your Schools Spaces With Reasonable Budgets and Timelines.

Posted by Versare on Jul 25th 2023

It’s no secret that our schools are often in desperate need of renovations. On average, schools in the U.S. are 44 years old, meaning they were built for a time that no longer reflects the needs of 21st century learning.

Beyond new buildings or major renovations – what can you do to make our schools adapt better for 21st century learning environments? Luckily – there are things that can be done that don’t require massive budgets, lengthy construction cycles and building permits, and could easily be included in an upcoming referendum.

Here are a few ideas that can spruce up a tired school environment, and help kids get the education they need.

Modernize the Media Center

Today’s media centers cater to a wide variety of needs, so they need to be adaptable. Set up areas for team and project work by incorporating room dividers, partitions and mobile whiteboards. Create an area for focused work and study with reconfigurable cubicles.

Reduce Noise and Create Quiet Spaces

Over-stimulation can reduce attention, and that often includes noise. You can dampen ambient and general classroom noise with acoustic panels and partitions to increase student focus.

Easily Flex Large Spaces for Multipurpose Use

Some of the greatest assets of a school are its largest spaces like gyms and cafeterias. With versatile temporary or semi-permanent room dividers customized to fit your space – you put these large spaces to maximum use for assemblies, club meetings, fairs and community events.

Create Extra Rooms for Targeted Activities

Finding current rooms cramped with no space for quiet counseling, administrative staff or small group meetings and tests? Consider adding walls and rooms that don’t require permitting and build your custom space to add privacy.

Proudly Showcase Students Efforts

Celebrating student achievement, whether artistic, athletic or STEM, is easy to do with flexible room dividers with tackable surfaces. Roll and deploy to public spaces or use in a classroom to give students a chance to participate in creatively designing the display.

Add a Layer of Protection

Enhancing safety and security on school properties is an increasing concern today. Add new tools to your safety plan with bullet-resistant partitions and a mobile whiteboard with a hidden core of ballistic grade material that can stop handgun and assault rifle style ammunition.

A great school facility is more than just a building. Simple investments in facilities without more expensive renovations can contribute to better student attendance, behavior and achievement, and increase teachers’ morale and ability to instruct. When you make school spaces more flexible with innovative products, it can help it can create an ideal environment adaptable to multiple learning styles, increase academic achievement and get the most out of your current facilities.

Invest in your classroom and school facilities without breaking the bank. Versare gives you more options and ways that you can create the learning space you need in the space you have.