Creating Dynamic Environments: Practical Tips to Flex Your Space.

Posted by Versare on Oct 18th 2023

Designing a space for work, learning or gathering isn’t a one-time event. Spaces need to be fluid, and with fluctuations in staff, remote and hybrid working, and expanding or contracting school or church member rolls – frequent updates need to be the rule rather than the exception.

There is a better than average chance that your original space plan simply doesn’t reflect the way you need and want to use your space today. But how do you adapt to changing needs without additional construction or an expensive re-design?

Read on for a few ideas that can help you create the space you need in the space you have.

Make large, common areas work double-duty

Churches, schools and businesses often have multipurpose areas that can hold large groups for special events, religious or community events, training, and all-hands meetings or announcements. But when not in use for large groups, you can make them work harder for you on a routine basis.

Adding wall-mounted sliding partitions can turn your largest areas into great spaces for team and department meetings, planning or input sessions, smaller group training as well as collaborative work. And with multiple heights, widths, colors and fabric options, you can harmonize with or accent your existing environment.

Add more privacy in an open environment

Open work environments have been popular in space design for some time. And while cubicles are good solutions for creating a ‘home base’ for individuals, they are not always the best solution for focused, quiet work.

Consider adding partitions or creating small breakout spaces so employees can focus and get their heads-down work done distraction-free.

You can also create greater privacy by adding walls and rooms that won’t require a construction permit. EverPanel modular walls and room kits are a novel and effective solution for creating private workspaces and additional conference rooms without the need for permanent walls. Their sound-absorbing properties help reduce noise levels and improve overall acoustics, and as your organization evolves, you can reassemble and move to meet your needs.

Flex your space on demand

It’s nice to freshen a space and introduce a change. With room dividers and partitions, you can adapt your space any number of ways as often as you need to.

Creating your flexible space might be as simple as rearranging furniture or putting in a few adjustable walls. Maybe creating ‘floor neighborhoods’ with multiple partitions is the answer for making distinct areas that can be tailored to how different teams’ work. There may be a time you need a space for special projects, and flexible room dividers can help you create a space for hands-on work and collaboration. Or you may want to introduce informal areas for meeting, reading or collaboration, and acoustic partitions are a good solution to add some style and reduce noise.

With portable room dividers and partitions, you can create effective areas for work, breaks and even socialization – even add some style with colors, fabrics and unique materials to enhance the space you have.

Keep spaces neat and tidy

As your organization changes and evolves, keeping spaces orderly can be a challenge. What happens when you run out of cubbies or closets for supplies? Or a major project requires boxes of materials and unique parts?

Room dividers can help you create temporary storage areas for supplies you might want to keep out of sight or define a specific area to house materials for a special project or custom order. If you need additional or localized storage on a floor, modular walls can also be used to create a semi-permanent storage room or to add modular shelving for books and materials that teams may need.

Versare portable partitions, room dividers, modular walls and room kits are great solutions to help you adapt to changing needs over time, allowing you to configure and reconfigure your space as often as you need.

Do you need new ways to evolve and adapt your space? Count on Versare for smart, flexible solutions that help you create the space you need in the space you have.