Create Extra Security for High Profile Events and Critical Deployments

Posted by Versare on Jul 12th 2023

Extra security is essential for events with government and VIP personnel in attendance, and it can be a frequent request for sensitive and risky deployments. Now you have a way to add another layer of protection to the measures you currently have in place with Versare’s ShieldWall Bullet Resistant Partition.

When the president, or presidential candidates, come to town – security is always a heightened concern. Politicians, government officials, visiting heads of state, and even celebrities and VIPs require additional protective measures to ensure their safety. Beyond tenting exterior or interior entrances to hotels and venues, creating controlled and secure checkpoints, and working closely with secret service, local law enforcement and security officials – are there additional steps you can take?

Making security teams, devices and barriers obvious is a good step to deter bad actors and make attendees feel safer. Moving checkpoints away from the event entrance will also force any agitators to confront security long before they could cause harm. In each of these instances, and many more, Versare’s ShieldWall can offer more protection for government officials and VIPs as well as event attendees and provide more security for higher-risk deployments.

ShieldWall – a versatile, creative and bullet-resistant solution

Versare’s ShieldWall is a bullet-resistant portable partition. It’s a flexible and adaptable barrier that’s as efficient to deploy as it is to store. As an on-site defensive solution, ShieldWall could be the difference between a positive outcome and a potentially tragic situation.

  • ShieldWall is certified under the National Institute of Justice Standard NIJ0108.01.
  • Integrated ballistic material withstands multiple impacts from .44 magnum and 9mm handgun ammunition.
  • Quickly and easily deploys and then collapses to a width of 33" for transport and storage.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors to match the needs of each situation.

Consider these uses for high-profile events:

  • Line tented exterior entrances with ShieldWall to add a bullet-resistant barrier.
  • Create a protected entrance to auditoriums and stages from less controlled off-stage areas.
  • Use ShieldWall to create bullet-resistant, efficient crowd control at security checkpoints to protect staff and employees.
  • Configure ShieldWall to provide a private area for security leads to monitor activities, or a closed and protective space for speakers as they wait to take the stage.

Critical deployments need more protection

Personnel at the border may encounter situations and aggressors that put them as well as innocent migrants, support staff, immigration and aid workers at greater risk. ShieldWall in critical locations for intake, processing, housing, legal meetings and administrative spaces can keep the flow of people controlled and offer extra protection in fluid and potentially volatile scenarios.

In areas with high populations of unsheltered, extra protection is often needed when personnel are mobilized to address overcrowding and unsafe conditions. Creating safe spaces within temporary structures for social welfare workers and relocation staff is important, especially since the environment can be unstable and unpredictable. ShieldWall can flex to provide safe and private areas for one-on-one meetings, large area dividers for temporary housing facilities, and protective barriers for staff.

Offer the option of greater protection

Whether it’s presidential visits, campaign stops or VIP events, or extra security for border personnel border or relief providers, ShieldWall Bullet Resistant Partitions can help you deliver extra protection wherever extra security is warranted.

Are you looking for flexible, creative solutions for events and deployments? Learn more and contact us today.