Make Your Workplace Shine Bright with Budget-Friendly Partitions.

Dec 19th 2023

Whether you have budget to use before this year ends or need to plan for a more organized 2024, Versare has smart, economical ways to make your spaces more flexible, more inviting and more comfortable.

Make your workspaces work better for you, your team and your customers. Versare’s portable partitions are an excellent value and the easiest way to create distinct work areas, instant privacy, spaces for meetings or collaboration, and more. Versare’s line of affordable canvas partitions deliver exceptional quality and start at under $200, so they make sense for your business and your budget.

Easy, instant space

Pop a VP6 Rolling Partition or a VP4 Two-Position Partition flush with a wall to create an instant workstation. Create more privacy in open areas or use multiples to divide your spaces easily and elegantly however you need. These flexible partitions are lightweight yet sturdy, making them easy to relocate when you need to adapt or want to refresh your space. With five canvas colors to choose from you can harmonize with your environment or add an accent to liven up your space.

Divide and conquer open areas

The MP10 Folding Portable Partition is one of the most sensible and flexible solutions to separate spaces for different activities. You can add a spot for meetings, create separate spaces for teams, add a backdrop or a waiting area, or even make an instant storage space to keep supplies or deliveries out of sight.

The MP10 Portable Partition is one of the most versatile players for your lineup. Choose from 10’ and 6’ panel widths, 4’, 6’ and 6’10” heights and five canvas colors. Simply roll the MP10 into place – the unique 360o hinge allows you to configure it as a straight wall, or in a C- or L-shape. Full-size end panels provide stability and non-marking casters make it easy to roll it wherever and whenever you might need it.

Privacy where you need it

Create more privacy in work areas with the FP6 Privacy Screen. Another versatile player, this 3-panel 6’ tall screen sits flush to the ground to provide greater separation and privacy for employees or customers. Use as a backdrop for your front desk or virtual meetings, create a nook to store coats and bags, or provide a discrete changing space. The FP6 is lightweight and a star performer with 360o hinges for easy configuration and setup.

Portable partitions let you adapt to changing needs and refresh your office space as often as you desire. And you don’t need to sacrifice quality to get affordable solutions that let you flex and plan a perfect workspace.

Need a way to sharpen up your workspace? Count on Versare for more affordable, flexible solutions that will help you create the space you need in the space you have.