Creating Flexible Space Anywhere

Helping Create Safe Learning Environments for Students and Teachers

Aug 1st 2018

Versare is a firm believer that all schools and educational institutions should be safe learning centers for all students that represent our nation’s future. All parents, educators and administrators should feel confident knowing their children and students are safe while at school and will return home at the end of the day. Unfortunately today, the potential threat of gun violence has invaded even these “safe spaces”. The sense of security and safety is no longer the standard in today’s reality. It is for all these reasons that we believe that a defensive solution is required within our educational system. students classroom divider Versare has decided to address this potential threat of gun violence and active shooters launching a new line of products that will provide a ballistic shield integrating our innovative designs with state of the art ballistic protection materials. This new line of products is designated as Versare Portable Shield Partition. The ARMAT ballistic material that we have integrated into our partitions have been tested and certified under the National Institute of Justice Standard NIJ0108.01 by independent Ballistic Laboratories. Our initial product is rated at the IIIA level under this standard. This designation indicates that our solution can withstand multiple impacts by .44 magnum and 9mm ammunition. students classroom divider material The Versare Portable Shield Partition is available in 24 colors and is designed to resemble portable room dividers already found in classrooms. This bullet resistant partition can be easily stored with a collapsed width of 33” and just as easily setup to its max width of 19’ 9” in just seconds providing an instant protective shield with minimum deployment time. We look forward to initiating this venture to keep our future generation safe. We are now accepting pre-orders online at and over the phone at (888) 482-5852 for shipment and delivery beginning September.