Easy Ways to Liven Up Neutral Environments

Posted by Versare on Apr 3rd 2023

Today’s work and school environments, whether new or existing structures, heavily favor neutral colors. A color palette that leverages white, beige, cream, taupe, and gray as well as soft, muted pastels, creates a backdrop that is generally considered calm and professional.

While neutral colors can feel more timeless, they may not reinforce the purpose, mood, or productivity desired. So, when faced with that neutral backdrop – first, consider the purpose of the space you wish to create. Do you want to encourage interaction and collaboration? Do you want people to feel warm and comfortable or do you need to infuse more energy into the space?

Once you determine your goals, you can apply some of these simple ideas to create an inviting environment.

1. Consider accent colors to add energy and interest to spaces.

Pops of bright colors like orange and yellow add energy, while earthy tones of blue, green, and browns create a calm and natural atmosphere. Brand-specific colors can reinforce a cohesive and recognizable environment and send a signal of pride to employees, students, or visitors. It’s easy to add color without a renovation. 

  • Choose colorful cubicles and workstations. Consider models that come in a range of colors – assigning color by team or department or allowing employees to choose. 
  • Use room dividers or temporary walls customized with pattern or color to create separate work, lounge, conversation, or collaboration areas. Look for colors and patterns that complement your existing color scheme – or customize with a specific design.
  • Add colorful furniture. Sofas, chairs, or other seating options in accent or complementary colors can have a dramatic impact on your space.

2. Use texture to add depth, visual interest, and tactile sensations.

When used effectively, texture can create a warm, interesting, and welcoming atmosphere that encourages people to feel comfortable.

  • Use acoustic panels to not only absorb sound and reduce noise levels but create interesting and colorful patterns mounted on walls or suspended from ceilings.
  • Add a textured accent wall or patterned rug to draw the eye and create a focal point.
  • Leverage natural textures like wood, stone, and plants to reinforce a connection with nature.
  • Create contrast with a mix of smooth and rough textures to make the space feel more dynamic.

3. Leverage today’s design and construction trends to make your environments feel current.

Consider sustainability, flexibility, and natural light sources.

  • Add sustainable materials to your environment with energy-efficient lighting, furniture and accents made with recycled materials, or even a green wall with plants.
  • Maximize natural light in your layout and incorporate design elements that use natural materials and organic patterns, natural textures, plants, and colors inspired by nature. 
  • Use that open floor plan to your advantage to enhance collaboration and communication with movable partitions, furniture, and wall systems for adaptable spaces that can be reconfigured quickly to meet specific needs.

No matter your situation – from office to school, retail to warehouse, worship to home – Versare has solutions that can help you create an atmosphere that supports the purpose and mood of your space.