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Ditch the Track: Accordion Doors Vs Operable Walls

Apr 15th 2016

The need to divide large room space is common in pretty much every industry, so naturally, a large variety of space-saving solutions exists. Accordion doors (or track-mounted door systems) are a classic method of controlling space by hanging suspended from an overhead track on the ceiling. Accordion walls expand and collapse in a folding fashion, hence the name. Versare's Operable Wall is a wall-mounted, floor-based partition, with both accordion (folding) or telescoping (sliding) panel options. This wall-mounted system requires no track and provides a perfect solution for spaces requiring up to 12' high coverage. The Operable Wall is a low-cost alternative to expensive track-mounted Accordion Wall systems, or perfect for areas that can't accept a track system. [caption id="attachment_799" align="aligncenter" width="310"]track-mounted accordion doors Track-mounted accordion doors are costly and dated.[/caption] Generally, both accordion doors and Operable Walls are added to existing spaces. In most cases it’s difficult to add a track to support an accordion door setup. The Operable Wall relies only on the floor and wall for support. Also, when adding a ceiling track for an accordion door, it may be necessary to have a building permit, or engineering support to ensure the ceiling can safely accommodate a track. Also, when installing a track for the Accordion Wall, this divides the ceiling space, which often requires an assessment for proper fire sprinkler and HVAC coverage. [caption id="attachment_800" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Sliding Operable Wall Versare's Operable Wall requires no ceiling track.[/caption] Versare’s Operable Wall relies on a wall-mounted system which eliminates the issues associated with track-mounted systems. This product is considered FF&E, furniture fixture and equipment, so does not require permits, engineering, or HVAC assessments. The unique wall mounting bracket enables the collapsed panel system to rotate and tuck neatly against the wall. Unlike accordion doors, no built-in enclosure is required. [caption id="attachment_801" align="aligncenter" width="300"]wall-mounted room dividers Versare's wall-mounted partitions collapsed[/caption] Basically, Versare’s wall-mounted room dividers offer an effective and cost-efficient solution to save money while dividing your space when heights of up to 12’ are necessary. Unlike complex track-mounted accordion door systems, this space-saving product installs easily, is made in the USA, and is readily available for immediate shipment.