Color in the Classroom—a Primary Consideration

Posted by Versare on Feb 9th 2023

In our modern world, color is everywhere. With digital displays, we have access to the full visual spectrum of color—and thanks to advancements in printing, paint and plastics technology, colors are bolder and more vibrant than ever before. With so many options, how can you effectively choose the right colors for your classroom?

The use of color in the classroom is an important consideration, as it can have a significant impact on the learning and development of young children. Not only can color affect a child's mood, emotions and behavior, it can also influence their perception and understanding of the world around them. Choose colors based on the type of behavior you want to encourage and the emotions you want children to feel.

Warm colors like reds, yellows, and oranges can help to stimulate a child's senses and make their surroundings more interesting and engaging. These bright, bold colors have been shown to:

  • Catch a child's attention and help to pique their curiosity, which can foster a love of learning and exploration.
  • Provide a colorful and inspiring backdrop for play and exploration that promotes creativity and imagination.
  • Help create a warm and welcoming environment for children, making them feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.

Though bright colors certainly have their place in a learning environment, it’s important to contrast areas of the classroom with darker, cooler colors. Blues, purples, and dark greens can help to create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere, which can be beneficial for children who may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed. When designing a nap area, quiet activity space or calm-down area, favor softer furniture in darker, cooler colors.

Even if it feels like you’ve set up the perfect classroom, you still may be surprised at how children react. Stay flexible. Try out different color combinations and stay attentive to students’ reactions. By planning intentionally, and staying reactive, you can use color in your classroom to create a productive learning environment.

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