7 Big Facilities Management Challenges Every Large Enterprise Faces

7 Big Facilities Management Challenges Every Large Enterprise Faces

Mar 11th 2020

The role of a facilities manager has changed significantly over the years. No longer are they focused primarily on maintenance - they now encompass a wider scope of responsibilities including property management, technology implementation, and even workplace design. In large enterprises, the facilities manager often works closely with the IT and HR departments to make informed decisions about building operations, company culture, and the overall workplace environment. Today’s facilities managers have a lot on their plate. Here are 7 big challenges they face when managing large enterprises.

Space Utilization

For a large corporation, improper space utilization can waste hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Knowing how much space is actually available to use can be challenging. Establishing standard space classifications across all locations (terms like “occupiable space” and “mobile space”, for example) and implementing space management software can help significantly.

Once these components are in place, finding ways to use larger spaces for multiple purposes will ensure you are getting the most out of your available space. Partition walls are a must in this situation.

Workplace Management Technology

Managing meeting rooms and facility maintenance is another challenge, especially for a company with multiple locations. Incorporating workplace management technology - like room reservation or facility maintenance software - can make all the difference. The most successful enterprises also use software to help employees navigate their workspaces (to find meeting rooms/people), as well as to plan for expansion or relocation.

Accessible Design

Implementing accessible office design is another challenging part of the facilities manager’s job. Creating spaces that are inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities is clearly important. Making sure spaces can be used for their full purpose is also essential, as is ensuring that anyone (regardless of age, height, weight, or ability) can use each space to its fullest. While the facilities manager may not be responsible for all elements of implementation, they often need to lead the charge in creating accessible spaces.


The acoustics of an office play a vital role in employee productivity. Distractions like chatty coworkers and office noise are among the top factors that affect productivity levels. To promote optimal productivity, facilities managers must provide solutions for noise control. Adding acoustic panels throughout the office, changing the office layout, or adding sound-absorbing furniture are all great solutions to this challenge.

Collaborative Furniture and Spaces

Providing collaborative spaces is a critical part of maintaining high employee morale, creativity, and productivity. Giving employees the means to be their most productive selves is essential. This means building an environment that prioritizes both individual and group work and makes both easily accessible. In an open office environment, utilizing portable room dividers or privacy screens to create boundaries between these spaces can improve both the employee experience and productivity levels.

Flexible Furniture

Unhealthy employees are unhappy employees, and sitting all day can have negative effects on a person’s health. To solve this problem, facilities managers should consider implementing flexible furniture options. Standing desks, ergonomic keyboards and chairs, and treadmill desks are a few examples.

Offering Employees More

Today’s employees expect more out of their workplace than just a place to work. To attract and retain the best employees, companies must offer more - on-site childcare, in-office cafés, fitness centers, virtual work options, and private desk booths are examples. These perks help create an engaging workplace and a positive employee experience.

Today’s facilities managers have the unique challenge (and the unique opportunity) to create better workspaces and thereby improve their companies. Versare is here to help build the spaces you need - visit our online store to shop our full line of office solutions.