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Room Divider 360® Accordion Portable Partition

starting at$529.00
Room Divider 360® Accordion Portable Partition
starting at$529.00
The Room Divider 360 is our best-selling portable partition. The aircraft-caliber aluminum frames are both lightweight and durable, while the thick acoustical fabric panels not only dampen sound, but are fully-tackable, allowing you to create portable art walls. This portable wall partition is also available in durable polycarbonate (with several color and opacity choices), making it a perfect portable spray tan screen, dog training partition, or hospital privacy screen, since the plastic is easily washable. Available in a wide variety of heights and widths, the Room Divider 360 is a popular portable wall for space dividing any area. Makes an excellent office partition or replacement for dated, expensive accordion doors. Also popular as a classroom partition wall or church room divider. Includes 3-year warranty. Made in the USA. 800-830-0210



Room Divider 360® Accordion Portable Partition

  • Made in the USA
  • Free Shipping (Contiguous United States)
  • 3-Year Warranty

The Room Divider 360® is a high-quality folding portable partition that helps you maximize the use of your facility's space. The Room Divider 360® features a fully tackable, noise-reducing surface for posting signage or other documents. Our fiberglass panel construction offers enhanced, superior acoustics. Each Room Divider panel rotates 360° for infinite configuration possibilities using a patented 360 degree hinge. Unlike piano hinges used by other folding partitions, The Room Divider 360® hinge allows each panel to turn any direction, at any angle. Our patented no-pinch seams between each panel also reduce the possibility of fingers getting pinched. The Room Divider 360 is a popular portable wall solution for offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and much more.

Our Room Divider 360® also features a full panel end member, which increases acoustical properties by trapping sound, and also creates a finished look when used as an entrance. This feature also eliminates the tripping hazard caused by the U-frame design of other systems. Non-marking, low profile casters provide low clearance, meaning additional noise reduction and a lower center of gravity. There are no loose parts to lose, and The Room Divider 360® ships fully assembled.

The Room Divider 360® folding partition has an elegant extruded aluminum frame which makes it strong yet lighter than partitions with steel frames.  Each aluminum panel frame is joined through a unique cast aluminum corner joint providing superior strength and durability. Our room dividers are perfect solutions for schools, gyms, classrooms, offices, warehouses, retail stores, and much more. Call us today with any questions.800-830-0210

For a telescoping straight-line version of our popular room divider, check out our StraightWall Portable Partition.

Fiberglass Acoustical Partition
Acoustically Superior Construction
Our acoustical fiberglass partition panels provide enhanced sound-dampening and acoustics control.
Patented Room Divider Full Panel End Member
Patented Full-Sized Panel End Units
Our premium Room Divider 360 and StraightWall partitions feature full-sized end units, providing enhanced stability in all configurations.
Patented 360 degree Room Divider hinge
Patented 360° Hinge
Our folding dividers feature a patented 360-degree cast aluminum hinge allowing full rotation of each panel.
No Pinch Room Divider Seams
No-Pinch Seams
The seams between each panel of The Room Divider 360 are constructed of radiused extruded aluminum to prevent a pinch point when rotating panels.
All Aluminum Frame Construction
All-Aluminum Frame Construction
Our premium room dividers feature frames constructed of extruded aluminum joined with cast aluminum corner joints for a lighter weight, strength, and maximum durability.
Portable Partition Locking Caster
Locking Caster
The Room Divider 360 and StraightWall feature 3" dual wheel locking casters on the full-sized panel end units.
Room Divider Tackable Surface
Tackable Surface
Our acoustical fabric panel option is tackable, allowing signage, art, or notes to be posted with pushpins.
Room Divider Transport Lock
Transport Lock
The Room Divider 360 includes a unique transportation lock to hold it in the folded position while moving it from location to location.
Room Divider Unit to Unit Connectors
Unit-to-Unit Connectors
Each Room Divider 360 and StraightWall comes standard with velcro unit-to-unit connectors to form longer partition walls.
Our Room Dividers Accept Hooks
Accepts Hooks
The stability of our premium dividers allows for hanging objects such as artwork, photos, or dry erase boards over the top of the partition.
Room Divider Accessories
The Room Divider 360 accepts accessories such as flat screen monitors for presentations.
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