When Seconds and Minutes Matter – Give Students and Staff Their Best Chance for Survival

Posted by Versare on May 31st 2023

You can have the best school and campus safety plan – and yet the time between the start of an active shooter event and when the police arrive is the most critical and least manageable. How do you equip students, staff, and educators to react in seconds and escape or hide safely?

It’s a hard fact to face, but the reality is that active shooter incidents in schools, on campuses, and elsewhere have been on the rise.

A coordinated prevention, training, and response plan is both essential and multi-dimensional. Proactive measures that create a safe and secure environment, help identify potential threats, and deny access to potential assailants are critical building blocks.

But should the unthinkable happen, equipping educators and students with an extra layer of protection can help increase the chances for a positive outcome.

That’s where new tools, like our ShieldWriteBullet Resistant Whiteboard, can provide an extra layer of safety and security, especially in those critical seconds and minutes at the very beginning of an active shooter event and before police arrive on site.

ShieldWrite’s everyday whiteboard utility disguises a ballistic-gradecore that meets National Institute of Justice standards to withstand handgun and semi-automatic rifle bullets – adding a layer of protection to help keep students, employees, and visitors safe in your space.

Uniquely sized and highly mobile, ShieldWrite can be pushed or pulled to create a protective shield for escape. It can also be used to block a doorway, cover a window, or with multiple units, block a hallway or access point to allow larger groups to run to safety.

No one wants to feel like they are learning or working in a fearful and barricaded environment. ShieldWrite blends into your school and classroom spaces, completely masking its protective nature and providing great daily utility. ShieldWrite moves quickly and easily wherever you need it to go – for dynamic instruction, small group collaboration, team projects and problem-solving, and even hallway signage. Yet, ShieldWrite is ready to deploy should the worst occur.

Protective tools like ShieldWrite can be part of a carefully considered safety plan. Equipping students, staff, and educators with information and appropriate training can help them know how to react during potentially dangerous and threatening situations.

Versare believes that implementing training, drills, and protective measures needs to be done with great sensitivity, avoiding increased stress and anxiety for teachers and students. For more guidance and best practices, read more on Best Practices for Armed Assailant Drills in Schools.

Learn more about ShieldWrite and provide an extra layer of safety and security for anyone in your space.