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Versare School Room Dividers Create Temporary Classrooms

Sep 16th 2016

Several weeks ago, Versare received a call of desperation from representatives of Central Middle School located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The city was bouncing back from several days of record flooding that dropped more water than the historical Katrina storm. One school in particular, Tanglewood Elementary, sustained significant water damage, making it impossible for students to attend the start of the school year on September 6th. The students were being relocated to Central Middle School for several weeks and the school was in desperate need of a room divider solution to create 27 temporary classrooms. [caption id="attachment_1018" align="aligncenter" width="625"]school room dividers Versare room dividers quickly created temporary classrooms[/caption] We immediately jumped to the challenge and accepted the task of designing, fabricating, delivering, and installing 27 portable classrooms in Central Middle School within just six days. Versare quickly got to work bringing together our highly skilled workforce, and utilized our large capacity and robust supply chain to provide Central Middle School with 73 of our most popular school room dividers, the Room Divider 360. Known for their durability, arrangement flexibility, and easy mobility, we knew these dividers would be easy to transport, set up and take down as the school needed. [caption id="attachment_1016" align="aligncenter" width="625"]temporary classrooms Whiteboards attach to each portable classroom wall[/caption] Versare was able to get the Central Middle School room dividers ready in just one day, leaving five days for a representative to travel to Baton Rouge to assist in set-up and help other trades to make sure all classrooms were configured properly. The temporary classrooms were set-up in two gymnasiums and one common area. Each room was sectioned off with Room Divider 360’s which included hanging whiteboards, and a temporary power cable. Each temporary space was then filled with 30 desks and chairs creating enough space to effectively house roughly 900 displaced students. [caption id="attachment_1014" align="aligncenter" width="625"]school room partitions Classes were able to start on time with Versare's temporary classrooms[/caption] We were honored to be presented with this opportunity to help Baton Rouge residents during this time of need. A total of 118 of 318 school buses sustained water damage and roughly 60 percent of Tanglewood Elementary school employees suffered some kind of flood damage to home or vehicles. Versare Solutions is proud to have provided our 360 Room Dividers for Central Middle School so that students could continue to attend classes and their education at the start of the new school year. [gallery ids="1011,1012,1022,1010,1021,1020,1019,1017,1014,1013,1015"]   Further reading: