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Versare Custom Partitions as Mosque Dividers

Feb 5th 2016

Contemporary mosques often follow a rule of separating men and women during religious ceremonies. Designated spaces for women in mosques are not outlined in the Koran, which forbids barring anyone from entering a place of worship, but they arose during the Ottoman empire. Because of architectural limitations, some mosques and Islamic multipurpose centers face the challenge of adding walls or mosque dividers to divide gender-specific areas. In some cases, common rooms must be left open to allow for certain occasions, but divided for religious ceremonies. In others, budgets do not allow for walls to be built. [caption id="attachment_689" align="aligncenter" width="300"]mosque partition mosque divider w/ printed panels[/caption] Versare offers portable partitions in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate virtually any application or budget requirement. Our products come in a variety of sound-dampening levels, styles, opacities, materials, and sizes. Since we hand-build our premium room dividers, we also offer custom configurations to alter non-traditional spaces. custom mosque room dividerIn one case, Versare LLC partnered with Projects Furniture Company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, to create a product that would adapt to the specific requirements of the region. The custom Room Divider 360 was 5.5 meters long and 1.8 meters high, with a clear polycarbonate viewing area on top (taking up about 1/3 of the panel) and a white laminate bottom. This product can be used both to demarcate gendered spaces and to create separate rooms within the main space of a mosque or gathering place. Additional reading: