​Versare Announces New Product to Protect Healthcare and Essential Retail Workers

​Versare Announces New Product to Protect Healthcare and Essential Retail Workers

Posted by Versare on Mar 25th 2020

Versare Announces New Product to Protect Healthcare and Essential Retail Workers

New Countertop Screen shields receptionists, pharmacy workers, retail employees, and customers from the spread of germs.

Versare® Solutions, a portable partition manufacturer in Minneapolis, MN, has created a new product to help lower the health safety risk of healthcare receptionists, pharmacy workers, and their patients with regard to passing infectious germs. In addition, they have quickly learned that this product has much wider applications for all kinds of point of sale interactions. Versare responded rapidly to this crisis that has hit our country, developing this product within a few days of learning of their clients’ urgent needs. Designed to provide comfort and relief for employees and the patients they serve, the Countertop Screen is a clear acrylic partition that forms a shield to help prevent the direct physical and airborne spread of germs.

The clear acrylic allows for face-to-face interaction while still maintaining separation of personal space. The partition comes with options for the size and type of opening at the bottom, allowing for the transfer of items or payment for transactions that can’t happen through a credit card reader on the customer side of the screen. The Countertop Screen is available in two styles: one with a lower opening for the passing of small items; and the other featuring a framed opening for larger item Point of Sale transactions. The Countertop Screen is ideal for employees working at essential businesses that remain open during this critical time, including pharmacies, healthcare facilities, grocers, and gas stations/convenience stores.

According to the receptionists and pharmacists who have tested the Countertop Screen, this product provides a sense of security for themselves as well as their patients. One product tester said, “I feel better behind this screen. The customer can hear me just fine and I can scan the barcode of products right through the plexiglass. I don't have to touch what they're buying. They just hold it up and I scan.” Another noted, “This allows the customer to feel safer too knowing that they don't have to worry about me coughing on them as well.”

The Countertop Screen features:

  • Overall 3-panel dimensions of 3’-3/4”x6’8”
  • Window option: framed opening of 8’-1/4” wide x 13’-3/4” high
  • Customizable openings to pass items back and forth
  • Solid aluminum frame and clear acrylic construction
  • Sturdy, stable build - will not tip easily
  • Portable and fully collapsible for storage
  • Easily sanitized with any common disinfectant

This product will significantly lower the health safety risk for employees and patients in our healthcare industries that must continue to operate during this crisis. Available for immediate shipping - visit www.versare.com or call 800-830-0210.

About Versare: 

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