Urgent Need for Housing in Major Metro Areas as Migrant Numbers Spike Again at the Border.

Posted by Versare on Oct 3rd 2023

As the number of migrants crossing the Southern border surges again, more metropolitan areas are burdened with finding and creating suitable temporary as well as long-term housing.

Cities are struggling to house tens of thousands of destitute migrants, many whom have entered through the Southern border but are from Venezuela, Guatemala, Haiti, Colombia and even Russia. With a backlogged court system, challenges issuing work permits, lack of notification and a largely uncoordinated effort by states busing migrants to other cities, the situation is creating a new wave of unhoused people.

Impacts far beyond the border

Since at least April 2022, thousands of recently arrived migrants have been bused from border cities and elsewhere in the U.S. to various cities across the country. Cities such as New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Denver are seeing dramatic increases.

Despite a willingness to assist asylum seekers, cities often lack the resources to provide the necessary support given the large number of individuals and families. Current shelter systems are strained and the lack of affordable housing to meet longer-term needs is exacerbating the problem. Cities are employing everything from tent cities to hotels to National Guard bases, and are converting vacant schools, churches, police stations, and parks into emergency housing to handle the flow.

Cities like New York have been forced to find and open new site after new site as asylum-seekers arrive by the thousands. Most recently, New York is leasing Floyd Bennet Airfield in Brooklyn for an emergency site to shelter some of the 113,000 asylum seekers who have arrived since the spring of 2022.

Easing the burden with fast, sensible solutions

The challenges facing cities were created by several factors, including the release of 2 million migrants from U.S. border custody in two years. With numbers surging and currently averaging 7,000 migrants crossing the southern border daily, we expect to see a heightened need for creative housing solutions.

Versare has a wide range of room dividers that deploy in minutes for fast, temporary housing situations. For longer-term dormitories, easy-to-install modular walls, room kits and flooring can create more security, privacy and dignity for families and asylum seekers.

Room dividers deploy instantly for mass temporary housing

As cities struggle to house migrants, fast mass housing solutions are necessary to keep these vulnerable populations from becoming homeless and unprotected. Shipped fully assembled, Versareroom dividers are ready to deploy in minutes and provide unlimited flexibility to configure temporary shelter spaces.

With multiple options to choose from, room dividers are a fast, flexible, economical and reusable solution for creating necessary separation and rooms in improvised and converted facilities for unhoused migrants. Available in multiple sizes, Versare room dividers are made in the U.S.A. for fast response, turnaround in 3 days, and dedicated shipping.

Modular walls and room kits increase privacy and security for longer-term needs

Many of the recently bused migrant populations are marginalized, without family support networks in the U.S. or work permits, increasing the need for interim housing beyond mass congregate sheltering. For medium to longer-term housing, EverPanel Modular Walls and Rooms will provide a much higher degree of privacy and security.

Durable, lightweight, interlocking panels create a self-supporting structure for private rooms and spaces within facilities being converted to housing, as well as tent shelters. Made of moisture and impact-resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP) bonded to a fire-retardant ABS skeleton, EverPanel rooms help reduce ambient noise and are easy to clean. With options that include locking and accordion doors, windows, and ceilings – EverPanel offers a dignified, humane dormitory-style housing solution to protect migrant families and individuals.

Modular flooring for safe, cleanable surfaces

Increasing cleanliness in mass or interim sheltering can enhance overall maintenance in the short and long term. EverBase Modular Flooring will create a safe, smooth and cleanable surface for any housing situation: protect or improve the subsurface of overflow housing in gymnasiums, warehouses and convention centers, or create a clean, hospitable environment in tent shelters.

Engineered for strength, EverBase flooring features an innovative interlocking system for efficient transport on pallets and fast, toolless installation. Versare’s EverBase flooring is designed to withstand the elements, and tiles are water, chemical, and weather-resistant and are easy to clean using standard cleaning fluids or a pressure washer.

Count on Versare for smart solutions for mass shelters or interim housing. Expect a dedicated team, fast response, and delivery as quickly as a few days to support urgent needs.