Unleash Ideas on the Go with a New Addition to Our DivideWrite Portable Whiteboard Line.

Posted by Versare on Aug 10th 2023

Our popular DivideWriteTM line of portable whiteboards adds a new player to the family. The new 2’ DivideWrite Increases your freedom and flexibility for dynamic instruction and training, and to bring teams together to problem-solve, collaborate, ideate and plan.

Want a better, more dynamic way to capture ideas, problem-solve and develop plans on the go? DivideWrite Portable Whiteboards have solved that problem for years, putting a lightweight, 2-sided whiteboard on wheels.

Now the DivideWrite line of 4’, 5’ and 6’ wide portable whiteboards adds a zippy new 2’ version that’s even more agile and adaptable – moving quickly and easily wherever you want it to go. Like all of Versare’s DivideWrite whiteboards, the new 2’ x 6’ whiteboard delivers:

● A 2-sided, functional dry-erase writing surface that’s easy to wipe and clean.

● Lightweight, durable aluminum frames that are stronger than steel.

● A size that moves easily with one hand and fits into and through tight spaces.

● Non-marking casters that move smoothly, and then lock in place.

● 21 fabric colors to blend with your environment or add a pop of color.

● Three trim options to add some style.

Add a new, highly mobile player to your whiteboard lineup

Versatile, flexible and easily moved, the new 2’ DivideWrite is perfect for:

● Dynamic classroom instruction and team projects

● Personal office use to outline goals, track assignments and progress

● Sales, project team and department planning and collaboration

● Tracking customer service goals or clarifying priority shipments

● Board and religious task force meetings

● Outlining milestones and personnel for key initiatives

● Mobile information boards or ad hoc signage

● And much, much more

Leverage an adaptable, maneuverable whiteboard to help you work smart and stay on track

Infuse more creativity and flexibility into your work environment and help keep people focused and productive. Our full line of DivideWrite portable whiteboards, and the new, highly mobile 2’ version, can give you and your employees the right tools to help them engage, develop actionable plans, align teams, understand key assignments and meet goals.

Trust the leader in flexible space

Versare gives you more solutions that can help you transform the space you have into the space you need. With a wide range of innovative, affordable and customizable products, you can maximize the potential of your people and operations, in whatever industry or environment you might be in.

Need smart, mobile solutions that adapt with ease? Add DivideWrite Portable Partitions to your arsenal of creative tools to energize ideas and reach your goals.