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The Sound and the Stone

Nov 20th 2018

Dampen sound without sacrificing style with our collection of sound stone wall and ceiling acoustic panels!

sound panels

The unique construction of our Sound Stones absorbs sound while preventing wave penetration, thanks to several layers of sound-dampening materials:

  • First: The same durable acoustical fabric that covers our premium room dividers is available in more than twenty attractive colors.
  • Second: Made from 100% recyclable, 2000-gram density, nonwoven polyester, which is more environmentally friendly than toxic fiberglass foam but just as effective at breaking down sound. In the Premium Products, this second layer is two inches, double the thickness of the standard Sound Stone.
  • Third: Our rigid mineral board honeycomb, which acts as a sound trap.

These three layers are tightly bonded by a non-toxic, solvent-free (i.e., no VOC Volatile Organic Compound) adhesive system.

sound panels

Our Premium ceiling-mounted Sound Stones dangle from your ceiling and dampen excess room noise wherever echo and reverberations may be a problem. Ideal for auditoriums, hallways, or large offices, each portable acoustic panel features two built-in eyelets, so they hang out and stay out of your way while minimizing excess reverberations (if only your in-laws were like that, right?). The acoustical nonwoven construction of these hanging sound panels ensures noise dampening, while the hanging flag formation is eye-catching in any room.

sound panels

The Sound Stones (Wall) come in several colors and a variety of sizes (2’ x 2’, 4’ x 1’, and 4’ x 2’). They mount easily to any wall with durable, adhesive foam strips (included). Just remove the adhesive liner, press in place, and the sound panel will be locked in and held tight.

Mix and match our Premium ceiling-mounted Sound Stones with our wall-mounted Sound Stones. Get creative and display them in multiple configurations and on multiple walls on 15-20% of your room’s square footage to cut down unwanted sound.