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Welcome the Premium Room Divider 360

Jul 31st 2019

We have a new addition to the family! Welcome the PREMIUM SOUNDSORB Room Divider 360!

premium room divider We are proud to introduce this new premium room divider! The Room Divider 360 is the industry standard for creating impromptu office workstations or classroom areas due to its infinite arrangement possibilities. Our NEW Premium SoundSorb Room Divider 360 will make these spaces even safer and quieter than before! premium room divider The Premium SoundSorb Room Divider 360 is Class A Fire Rated, making it safer than any other portable room divider on the market. AND it’s acoustically superior than other room divider with its NRC rating of .80. It also comes in four neutral, subtle shades including marble gray. Similar to our other Room Divider options, the Premium SoundSorb Room Divider 360 is easy to use and store, extremely durable and can be set up in many different arrangements. premium room divider  

Learn more about the NEW Premium Room Divider 360 and purchase yours today!