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​Short on Space? How to Maximize Your Church Facilities

Feb 26th 2020

When it comes to the growth of your church, a lack of space can be bittersweet. As an indicator of growth, it’s exciting. But at the same time a shortage of space is not only uncomfortable, it can also hinder additional growth. If moving to a bigger space isn’t an option for you yet, there are a few things you can do to maximize your current church facilities.


Switching from pews to chairs allows you to fit more worshippers into the same space, as you can better arrange them to fit the room. Chairs will also allow you to revamp your main worship space to accommodate for other uses - meetings, youth activities, etc. - making the best of the space you have.

Rent a Larger Venue for Sunday Services

If your biggest space concern is on Sunday morning, renting a school auditorium, community center, or other venue just for Sundays can be a great fit. Portable room dividers are a must in this situation, allowing you to organize the space to best fit your needs.

Utilize Overflow Space

Not ready to rent another space yet? If your church has a large entryway or other room that’s not used during regular services, you could run a video feed of your service to that room. Asking some of your core group of attendees to use the overflow seating will open up space for visitors.

If you’re using an open area like an entryway or foyer for your overflow seating, portable partitions like our Room Divider 360 will be useful tools to help separate the area and manage noise.

Get Creative with Children’s Spaces

One of the most challenging areas of growth is ensuring you have enough space for your Sunday School classes and childcare. Making room for not only the children but all of the toys, craft supplies, and other items needed for each age group can be tricky.

Get creative by using furniture with built-in storage, foldable tables, or collapsible camping chairs. Or do away with tables and chairs entirely and use carpet squares for seating. Another option to consider is to redesign rooms to be function-specific, rather than age-specific. Have a room for arts & crafts, another for story time, another for music, and so on, and have children rotate through the rooms.

Office Cubicles

As your church grows, so will your pool of staff and volunteers, and they will all need room to work. Versare’s cubicles, work stations, and privacy screens can help make the most of your current office setup and allow you to utilize other areas of your building for additional office space.

In what ways is your church short on space? Shop our online store to find the tools you need to maximize your church facilities.