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Room Dividers: Articulating or Telescoping?

Feb 14th 2013

Our two most popular room dividers are the Room Divider 360 Articulating Partition and the StraightWall Telescoping Partition.  Both units are excellent portable partitions, and each has its own advantages.  To help you decide which would work best for you, let’s discuss some of the similarities and differences. articulating room dividerThe Room Divider 360 is an articulating partition built with our patented 360 degree hinge. This allows for each 33’’ wide panel to rotate in any direction, making any configuration you need just a turn of a panel away.  Easily divide your space into an “L” shape, “U” shape, or evenly divide your space by creating a straight line.  An enclosed circle shape can be created with 2 or more units. The Room Divider 360 is a good choice for someone who may have to change their space division on a regular basis - that way you have the options to display many configurations. telescoping room dividerThe StraightWall is a telescoping partition, meaning the panels slide out in a series, allowing you to customize you’re the length of the unit.  The StraightWall can only be displayed in a straight line, hence the name.  This is a great choice to help maximize your space; any exact length you need to cover is possible.  The StraightWall is perfect for creating a rolling entrance or exit since the panels simply slide back and forth like a sliding door. Both units are made with same lightweight durable aluminum frame, and both are available in a selection of sound-absorbing fiberglass fabric, semi-transparent polycarbonate, or durable vinyl. The Room Divider 360 and StraightWall come on non-marking low profile casters which eliminate tripping hazard, and they both ship fully assembled for FREE in the continental United States.