Room Divider 360 Helps Client Dance Circles Around Competition

Room Divider 360 Helps Client Dance Circles Around Competition

Mar 12th 2018

Room Divider 360 Black Fabric

D2M Dance Academy — Room Divider 360

Versare is no stranger to outfitting dance academies with portable partitions to enhance their spaces, and recently we had a chance to outfit an academy with partitions for their competitions. In dance competitions, the first impression is key. And as the saying goes, the problem with first impressions is that you only get one. Dance competition judges can be especially difficult to impress. Another tough aspect of dance competitions is the aspect of traveling and competing at multiple locations. Because a permanent stage arrangement isn’t possible, a mobile yet eye-catching setup is optimal for making that great first impression.

D2M Dance Academy is a dance studio in Tracy, California, that teaches classes for infants through high schoolers and produces highly successful students. Their classes include both recreational and competitive curriculums, and their troupes perform in competitions at the local, state, and national levels.

Room Divider 360 in black fabric The academy needed stage backgrounds that would provide portability but would also blow away the competition. We helped them choose the Room Divider 360, our most popular partition. The Room Divider 360’s patented 360-degree hinges make it easy to fold and transport, and its aluminum frame makes it lightweight but sturdy enough to serve as a performance backdrop. D2M chose the black acoustical fabric with personalized decorations, which would be perfect to grab judge’s attention while simultaneously showcasing the talents of the dancers.

As you can see in the photographs provided, D2M transformed the Room Divider 360 for a magical Transformers-themed routine. They incorporated elaborate costumes and purple lighting into their routine, making it incredibly eye-catching. With the help of Versare, the already inventive and talented teachers took their level of competition up a notch, making that crucial positive first impression that can make or break a dance team’s chances.