Quick Deployment Created Greater Privacy for Border Operations.

Sep 26th 2023

As immigration numbers soared, U.S. Customer and Border Protection (CBP) required overflow facilities for additional processing capability in the agency’s San Diego sector. They requisitioned numerous suppliers to assist with developing another soft-sided facility near the border. 

Versare was tapped by one of the many government subcontractors enlisted for this effort to create rooms within one of the tent structures that could facilitate private conversations between immigrants and legal representation.

Three weeks from PO to installation

Quick response was essential. Versare worked to address the need for 65 private rooms within one of four tent structures being built. The resulting solution utilized EverPanel modular panels and room kits with full-sized, lockable doors. These durable, lightweight, interlocking panels require no tools and easily fit together without the need of a supporting wall, making this a rapidly deployable partitioning system. 

The Versare team was up for the challenge, delivering all necessary materials in a dedicated truck. With Versare personnel on site to assist with installation, the CBP’s aggressive three-week timeline was met.

A durable solution well-suited to environmental challenges and changing needs

The environment at this satellite location was muddy, swampy and extremely humid. After 30 days of rain the ground surface was uneven, unstable and continued to shift. The tent structures utilized a wooden platform, but elevation change was common. Unlike drywall and spackle, EverPanel’s moisture and impact resistant fiberglass reinforced panels didn’t degrade and were self-leveling, making them better suited to the harsh conditions. 

Personnel onsite also asked for a change in the originally requested configuration. Rather than independent rooms with doors, they determined a better solution was contiguous rooms that shared walls. Because EverPanel is a modular solution, this new request was accommodated on site with the original shipment. 

Unique, modular design makes updates and modifications fast and easy

After a few months into this satellite facility’s operation, additional needs were identified. A higher level of privacy was needed than originally determined, so ceilings, lights and active ventilation were added for each 6 x 6’ room. These additional solutions did not adversely increase the heat and kept each room light and bright. 

EverPanel’s modular approach made switching out and adding these components a much easier task. On each room, one wall panel was replaced with a windowed panel and a plexiglass roof kit was popped into place. Both additions allowed greater light to filter into the rooms. To keep cool air circulating from the HVAC system, the ceiling kit also accommodated fans. In addition to swapping out doorknobs, making these upgrades to all 65 rooms took only two and a half to three days with personnel on site. 

This CBP temporary satellite facility has been operational since early in 2023, helping address the ongoing humanitarian and border security situation on the southwest border. Versare was proud to play a role in providing additional processing and care for an unprecedented number of families and children crossing the border in a humane and sensible way.

Do you need fast response and smart solutions to address disaster relief and government deployments? Count on Versare for rapid response, dedicated support and modular, durable solutions for the most demanding situations.