Protect Patients’ Privacy with Health Care Facility Cubicles

Feb 15th 2024

Some of us might sigh at the thought of a doctor’s appointment, but patient privacy is not something to grumble over.

So how can medical clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, physicians’ offices and other care facilities design an environment that balances privacy, efficiency, and at-ease care? Quite simply, cubicles.

HIPAA: Enhancing Staff and Patient Safety

Before 1996, health information privacy was like the Wild West. There was no federal rule governing the protection of your medical info. It was an era when companies could receive details regarding employees’ health insurance. Further, patients weren’t necessarily able to obtain their own medical records. Problematic, right?

Enter the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — aka HIPAA. These laws standardize the way to handle sensitive patient information through required safeguards and privacy requirements. HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and Security Rule prevent unauthorized disclosures and stipulates when, with whom, and under what circumstances such disclosures are allowed. So, your info about mental or health conditions, prescriptions, billings and payments, and identifiable information like a Social Security number or an insurance account number, transitioned to safety under HIPAA.

Benefits of Health Care Cubicles

Going to a clinic can be a vulnerable experience — feeling exposed in a shared space while trying to seek private treatment. So, while HIPAA is a written act of safety, hospital curtains or health care cubicles can be a physical action of privacy and peace of mind.

And with cases for respiratory viruses, including COVID and influenza variants, on the rise across the U.S. according to the CDC, more people are going to care facilities to get treated. And more people means a greater need for privacy and separate enclosures. This is where the utility and versatility of health care cubicles demonstrate their benefits:

  • Offers a sense of autonomy and safety amidst a larger, bustling medical setting.
  • Enhances the overall patient experience by promoting privacy, modesty, comfort, dignity, and respect.
  • Aids in keeping personal information, well, personal.
  • Acts as a physical barrier to limit the spread of pathogens.
  • Fosters patient-provider relationships and trust.
  • Facilitates effective and efficient care delivery.
  • Contributes to the overall aesthetic of healthcare spaces (think colors or customizable designs).

Versare’s Cubicle Options for Health Care Facilities

Whether you need an individual consultation workstation or a multi-faceted check-in area, Hush Panel™ Cubicles provide an easy-to-assemble solution to fit your wellness and workflow needs.

Construct and reconstruct your space with the Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partitions or Pre-Configured Hush Panel Cubicle Kits.You can choose the desired number of panels, post assemblies, and optional windows for the configurable option. Just slide them together to create instant cubicle walls or privacy dividers. The pre-configured kits come in a selection of pre-determined shapes — H, W, L, and U shapes — to aid in an easy-to-assemble format.

Better yet, these Hush Panel Cubicle options have a docket of design elements:

  • Acoustic properties: Reduce ambient noise with 2" thick sound-dampening features.
  • Construction: Aluminum, lightweight frames are easily repositionable and the frames accept hooks to hang objects like artwork, photos, or flat-screen monitors.
  • Tackable: Post signs, artwork, or notes using pushpins.
  • Color: Choose from a plethora of colored fabrics to best fit the design and aesthetic of your health care facility.
  • Maintenance: Panels may be cleaned with mild, water-free solvents or water-based cleaning agents or foam.
  • Toolless assembly: Assemble and disassemble with ease.
  • And more!

Need a built-in electric channel to accommodate cables and wiring for computerizing an account update, processing a copay, or dialing a tele-health call? No worries — Versare’s individual and pre-configured kitted Hush Panel Cubicles come with that option.

Where to Buy Cubicles for Your Facility?

You’ve come to the right place! Versare’s pre-configured cubicle kits and configurable cubicle partitions are just a click away to streamline and stabilize your medical facility for new and returning patients’ privacy.

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