Promote Safety and Efficiency in Vocational Classrooms with Wall Partitions

May 30th 2024

A four-year college degree isn't the only path to success. Career and technical education (CTE), or vocational programs, offer a compelling alternative, equipping students with valuable real-world skills and knowledge for high-demand careers — information technology, trades, agriculture, cosmetology, healthcare, and more, just to name a few. Whether you're seeking a direct route to the workforce or a head start before university, CTE provides a powerful foundation for your future. 

Welding is high on the list of trades expecting increased demand. The American Welding Society (AWS) expects welding to face a shortage of 330,000 welding professionals by 2028. That means an average of 82,500 welding jobs will need to be filled per year between 2024 and 2028. As vocational and technical schools, community colleges, high schools, career centers, and apprenticeships start teaching more and more, the need for safety measures is hotter than a plasma cutter! Let's see how Versare’s welding screen takes protection to a whole new level.

Welding Screens: Guardians Against Invisible and Visible Hazards

Welding exposes students and bystanders to various hazards: ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation, electrical currents, sparks and molten metal splatters, burns, “welder’s flash” or “arc eye” (a corneal injury from UV rays), fumes and gases, physical demands, and more. With a welding wall partition, instructors can create a safe learning environment where students can focus on mastering the craft without fear of injury.

Flexible and Adaptable Welding Wall Partitions 

Versare offers the Fire-Resistant Portable Welding Partitions, which includes three hot-topic features:

  • Easy to Install and Modify: The modular design allows for quick set-up and reconfiguration to fit different workspace layouts and welding applications. Panels can be arranged in straight, angled, "L" or "U" shapes to create:
    • Surrounds for designated welding areas
    • Temporary welding booths
    • Complete welding enclosures
  • Enhanced Safety Beyond Basic Protection: Unlike some fire barriers, our fire-resistant dividers won't contribute to the spread of flames, minimizing fire hazards. The non-combustible materials significantly reduce the risk of flash burns that can occur with burning fabric and protect occupants from the intense heat and flames. Plus, the non-combustible construction also helps block the harmful glare of ultraviolet light emitted during a fire.
  • Strategically Designed for Comfort and Efficiency: An open space at the bottom ensures proper airflow for welder comfort and prevents heat build-up. This design provides ample room for hoses and power cords, too.

A Multipurpose Solution for Vocational Classroom Safety

These freestanding mobile dividers are designed for durability, ruggedness, and effortless maintenance. They come in various sizes, catering to a range of industrial environments, including factory and shop floors, warehouse and distribution centers, kitchens, back-of-house hospitality areas, hotels, automotive facilities, and outdoor settings. For instance, they can contain flying woodchips and debris in carpentry shops or create a safe zone for demonstrating flambé techniques in a test kitchen or restaurant.

Invest in Safety with Versare 

Maintaining a safe learning environment is crucial in vocational environments. Fire-Resistant Portable Welding Partitions meets this need, for the partition offers a versatile and efficient solution that prioritizes student, instructor, and bystander safety. Contact us today to learn more about how welding wall partitions can transform your vocational classroom.