Portable Room Dividers for Classrooms

Product Information

class room dividerVersare Room Dividers are designed and manufactured with quality and safety in mind, making them a perfect choice for schools. The lightweight and durable aluminum frame is an immediately noticeable difference to heavy steel frames seen on other brands’ partitions.  The aircraft-quality aluminum makes it much easier to collapse and transport the partitions from room to room. The fabric is layered with fiberglass, which increases acoustical and sound-absorbing qualities, making it a perfect sound-dampening solution for schools or churches.

Create an extra classroom with the Room Divider 360; it will help alleviate outside noise and is available in 24 colors and a variety of sizes, making it easy to create a portable solution that will match existing décor or school colors.  The unique 360° hinges allow a variety of formations, and the fabric surfaces are tackable, making them perfect for art walls or displays. Testing areas can be quickly setup in larger rooms or gyms, and stands can be set up for special events or presentations.

The 4’ and 5’ heights are common choices for preschool classroom dividers, since the youngsters can’t see over the partitions, while the staff can easily monitor the entire room and other adults easily. 6’ and 7’ heights can be used in just about any situation, from schools to offices to warehouses.

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