Portable Partitions as Nursing Station Privacy Screens

Portable Partitions as Nursing Station Privacy Screens

Oct 3rd 2016

It’s no secret that health professionals and public health officials promote breastfeeding to improve infant health. Several studies show that both mothers and children benefit from breast milk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 77 percent of mothers start breastfeeding immediately after birth. Even though that number dips to 17 percent at 12 months, it’s common for moms that are breastfeeding to find it difficult to nurse up to one year. A large contributing factor to this is due to work schedules and lack of support in the workspace, including a place to nurse that meets the standards of the Affordable Care Act that was signed in March 2010.

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According to Section 4207, employers are required to provide reasonable break time for employees to express breast milk. This law has led to many businesses voluntarily providing a comfortable space for breastfeeding moms. However, businesses still face the challenge of locating a designated space for breastfeeding mothers. Another concern is the cost of building an additional space to accommodate moms.

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These businesses have turned to Versare Portable Products to meet their needs. Common nursing station screens include Versare's MP10 Portable Partition and The Privacy Screen. Several business have already implemented Versare Solutions for their working moms including a large retail pharmacy and leading global discount supermarket.

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Privacy has always been a major concern for customers, employees, and just about everyone else in between. As we continue to improve and update our working environments, consider Versare Solutions to create nursing station privacy where working moms can excel.

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To read more about the Federal Health Reform and to learn how Versare Portable Products can offer businesses a solution for breastfeeding moms download our whitepaper: Federal Health Reform and Nursing Mothers in the Workplace.