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Portable Display Walls at the Hormel Institute

Jul 8th 2016

versare mobile display boards When you think of portable room dividers, you most likely think of utilizing them to separate space or reduce noise. However, the Hormel Institute had something different in mind when they came to Versare looking for a mobile divider that could double as portable display walls for their published articles, photos, and information pertaining to their research. We immediately knew the answer was our Hush Screen Portable Divider, which allows for maximum privacy and sound dampening while also accepting thumb tacks and pushpins on both sides of the acoustical panel fabric. They’re the ideal solution for work stations that provide a place for wall art. [caption id="attachment_915" align="aligncenter" width="625"]portable display wall Versare Hush Screen[/caption] The Hormel Institute is a biological research center that is leading the way in cancer research. Their researchers are focused on finding better ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer, and their work has been published in leading scientific journals throughout the world. The institute was requiring a series of portable display walls to showcase a wealth of information for visitors and move to conferences for information and literature to be pinned. portable display boardsHush Screens are comprised of thick, 2" panels within an anodized aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable. They come in 22 sound-dampening acoustical fabric colors and can be built to custom sizes to fit your needs, like we did with The Hormel Institute. After receiving and using the panels, they reported back “We needed the partitions to serve as mobile display boards for our conferences. We have found they have been extremely useful in other display applications as well. For example, we use them to hang backdrops for photos and for our vendors to pin product information to. The ease of maneuvering has been invaluable and their lightweight but sturdy design has made storage a breeze. Assembly was easy and we do not need to take them apart to store when they are not being used. They have been the perfect solution for our needs!"