Versare Portable Barricades Protect DC Metro Crowds

Sep 1st 2017

protector portable barricade

Our portable partitions and barricades are so popular that sometimes our employees spot them on trips. One such chance encounter happened in Washington, D.C., where our Protector Portable Safety Gates can be spotted keeping passengers safe and out of restricted areas.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, or Metro, was created in 1967 to provide a balanced regional transportation system for the D.C. area. Construction on the rail system began in 1969, and the first phase of Metrorail began operating in 1976. Metrorail serves 91 stations and serves a population of approximately 4 million people within a 1500 square mile jurisdiction.

crowd control fencing 

When a business or organization needs a portable, easy-to-install safety gate, the Protector is an excellent choice. The Protector keeps customers and even employees without proper designation out of restricted areas. It’s constructed of durable metal and is lightweight enough to easily transport. Though it collapses to a tiny 17”, the Protector expands to cover 11’ and can be connected with other units to cover more area. With three highly visible powder coat color options, the Protector is easy to spot.

subway crowd control

In the case of the D.C. Metro, the yellow and black combo was the color of choice. The Protector was spotted filling multiple jobs, including blocking off wet floors, out-of-order escalators, and walkways. If the Protector can serve the needs of our nation’s capital, surely it can do whatever job you need!

collapsing portable barricades