Portable Wall Partitions Create Picture Perfect Gallery

Portable Wall Partitions Create Picture Perfect Gallery

Aug 23rd 2017

portable art wall

Many of the clients we discuss use our products portable partitions to divide their workplaces, provide privacy, or keep certain areas secure. But other clients have more artistic goals in mind. Take Judy and Jennifer, owners of J and J Gallery. They needed dividers that would provide separate space to showcase the multiple independent artists who would be exhibiting work at their gallery.

art wall partition 

Artists are able to exhibit their paintings on the portable partitions.

The partitions would need to be attractive enough to be on display at a gallery, but sturdy enough to hold framed artwork. We recommended the Quick-Wall (Folding) Portable Partition. The Quick-Wall is constructed of a sound absorbing honeycomb core, a layer of fiberglass, and a layer of acoustic fabric. This would allow each art wall to not only separate space but dampen sound while displaying art.

portable art partition 

The partition's acoustical fabric panels are pushpin-accepting.

The acoustical fabric comes in 24 stylish colors and is perfect for securely pinning objects. It’s framed in a durable but lightweight aircraft aluminum that allows the art wall to hold a tremendous amount of weight, making it more than capable of holding heavy paintings and drawings.

portable art board 

These portable art walls separate space while displaying artists' creations.

Judy and Jennifer were ecstatic over their purchase: "The partitions that Versare were able to provide us, complemented our space beautifully. The partitions are sleek, modern, and have a very up-scale aesthetic look to them. We have already ordered additional partitions!"

art gallery partitions 

The Quick-Walls integrate subtly and efficiently in the art gallery.