Office Layout To Help Millennials In The Workplace

Office Layout To Help Millennials In The Workplace

Sep 26th 2019

Millennials In The Workplace

Millennials are becoming a larger and vital part of the workforce. In fact, more than one in three working Americans are millennials. Millennials may get a bad reputation for moving quickly from job to job in a short time, but their generation would actually prefer not to job hop. 90% of millennials are looking to stay within their current companies and grow their careers as employees and work there. However, they look for certain things to stay with a company long-term. For the millennial generation these include things such as growth opportunities at work, good company workforce culture, and a flexible office work space. Millennials have specific desires in a workspace that differ from older generations – and it’s not beer taps or game rooms. Instead, they want smarter and more comfortable ways to be productive at work and collaborative with other employees. This allows a millennial in the workplace to be better at their jobs and help grow the company they love to work for.

It’s easy and affordable to get these desires fulfilled with multi-functional workspaces and furniture. From collaboration to privacy of employees, it’s easy to change up space with pieces that are made for it. Versare has many different options, at many different prices, to satisfy these needs.

Our Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle Partition is a toolless, fully-customizable, modern office workstation solution that provides unlimited possibilities for your employees, no matter their generation, to design and construct cubicles or work areas.

Our sleek and modern Hush Screen is an excellent solution for creating cubicles or separating work stations in no time. The partition is easily movable and allows for maximum work privacy and sound-dampening.

Our DivideWrite Portable Whiteboard can be wheeled in and out of workplace; brought to an important conference room meeting or work as a personal cubicle divider.

Our Work Station Screens are a low-cost, lightweight, and flexible option to create instant, professional-looking workplace privacy.

Our Work Forts are desktop privacy panels that offer a unique way to create a truly customized, private space at your open concept office.

And if your entire office is completely open, check out our Hush Panel Privacy Rooms which provide a private and quiet space for your millennial workforce to get things done. And they can easily be added to existing offices!