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Mobile Partitions Make the Grade in University Library

Aug 3rd 2017

university library privacy screensUniversity libraries are often a second home for hardworking students. They go there to study, research, read, and work on group projects. Because students’ needs are so diverse, libraries must provide space and equipment to assist them. Versare offers quality room dividers and acoustic panels at a price that won’t break university budgets. mobile whiteboard partitionsThe library at Cameron University, in Lawton, OK, needed an update. So Senior Library Associate Razil Cataquiz came to us for help. Cataquiz wanted to find easy-to-use mobile partitions to divide space for the students, as well as portable whiteboards to aid in student collaboration in the library’s breakout rooms. Versare recommended the Hush Screen mobile divider and DivideWrite portable whiteboard. These mobile partitions would help to not only create privacy but also inhibit noise, thanks to their acoustical fabric construction. portable library partitionThe Hush Screen was perfect for dividing work stations, providing privacy and sound dampening to help students concentrate on their studies. Each divider is 2” thick, providing excellent sound dampening. And semi-transparent polycarbonate windows on each panel allow light to flow through and enhancing visibility within the library. The DivideWrite’s magnetic, double-sided dry erase board was the perfect tool for students to collaborate on projects or work through study materials. mobile whiteboard partitionsIn the end, the Hush Screen and DivideWrite looked sleek and modern, and were the mobile partitions Cataquiz needed to upgrade the library’s study areas. University students can now focus and concentrate in a private and acoustically-controlled environment. university library partitions