Creating Flexible Space Anywhere

Mobile Clinics Separate Space and Create Patient Privacy

Oct 28th 2016

Innovative, interesting companies sometimes attract each other. Odulair is the worldwide leader in providing portable doctor offices within mobile medical vehicles. Consisting of state-of-the-art medical equipment, their mobile vehicles are able to provide services in remote areas throughout the world, where hospitals and clinics are inaccessible. Their care covers a wide range, from daily oral hygiene to treating infectious diseases. mobile clinic privacyOdulair needed a creative solution to separate space in order to accommodate multiple patients at once within a very limited truck area. Our solution was to install our Wall-Mounted Room Divider 360 and StraightWall partitions within the vehicles. As you can see by the diagram enclosed, the folding panels of the Room Divider 360s are used to make up the "L" shape for each room, while the StraightWall sliding unit is used as a "pocket door" which allows patients easy access to the next available treatment room from the waiting area. medical privacy screensOdulair chose opted for our polycarbonate partition panel options. Due to the nature of the area, it was a requirement for the panels to be able to handle repeated cleaning and disinfecting. Our polycarbonate is tough, durable, and spray-cleanable. The high-quality plastic panels are also the most shock-absorbent of our partition material options. clinic privacy screensWith Versare's help, Odulair is now able to maximize the space within their vehicles while providing enhanced patient privacy. The rugged durability of our polycarbonate room dividers ensures a clean, safe environment for their patients. Check out our full line of wall-mounted privacy screens and get innovative!