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Mind Your Business

With the new Hush Panel Privacy Room

Need to hop on a video conference call, review confidential documents or just enjoy a little “me time?” In a world that works in open offices, Versare’s new Hush Panel Privacy Room gives you a private, quiet space to mind your own business and focus on the task at hand.

Even though more companies seem to be embracing the concept of open offices, workers still need a private and quiet space to get things done. Standing 6’’ by 8’’, the Hush Panel Privacy Room is equipped with a roof and a door and can easily be added to new or existing offices.

privacy hush panel room

It is made of the same 2” thick sound-dampening acoustical panels and other parts found in our reliable Hush Panel Cubicles. The stylish acoustical fabric panels are lightweight, durable, sound-dampening and tackable, making them perfect for a private work space. And whatever your company, office design or school colors are, you’re sure to find a match among our 24 available fabric colors.

Interested? Call toll-free (800) 830-0210, join a live chat, or email sales@versare.com to get your peace and quiet today!

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