Introducing New EverBase 4 Temporary Flooring – Rugged and Easy-to-Install

Posted by Versare on Jun 5th 2023

EverBase 4 is the latest temporary flooring innovation from Versare. It’s the lightest heavy-duty flooring system that deploys and installs quickly without camlocks. Versatile and rugged, EverBase 4 will withstand the elements and create a seamless surface to keep personnel and equipment out of the mud, sand, and dirt.

Whether it’s disaster, recovery or emergency relief missions or military operations and training exercises – you need rugged solutions that work in harsh and unforgiving environments.

Toolless, lightweight and strong, new EverBase4 (EB4) is an innovative, heavy-duty modular flooring system that creates a safe and seamless floor surface with enhanced support for heavy equipment and structures. EB4 completely eliminates the need for camlocks. Its unique connector system allows you to align and drop tiles into place simply and efficiently, one after another. This revolutionary system makes EB4 installation and tear down quicker and easier – lowering operational costs and saving time.

EverBase 4 flooring is designed to withstand the elements and provide a smooth, finished surface for military tents, government events, disaster relief shelters, and temporary housing. From tactical operations centers (TOCs) to sleeping, kitchen, and hospital tents, to storage, temporary housing, and intake operations, EB4 is the ideal system for remote deployment in harsh environments.

Engineered for strength, EverBase 4 is durable for long life and rugged daily use. EB4’s unique design means efficient transport, no camlocks and fast installation. Tiles are water, chemical, and weather resistant and easy to clean using standard cleaning fluids or a pressure washer.

From rapidly deployable shelters to larger-scale warehouse structures, EverBase 4 flooring can be used to keep personnel and equipment out of mud, sand, and dirt.

Do you need fast, versatile solutions with excellent ROI? Count on Versare to deliver smart, durable, andreusable solutions that will help you be ready to tackle any natural disaster or emergency situation.

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