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Improve Home Office Acoustics and Aesthetics Affordably

Feb 24th 2017

Working from home is the dream for many office and cubicle dwellers: no more commute, no dress code, and you already know you like the co-workers (yourself and possibly family or pets). But with the convenience of telecommuting come drawbacks. While you avoid the sounds that other people make in a traditional office environment, you may find that the sounds within your home—or home office, if you have a separate space—make concentration difficult. Those noises can also make meetings on the phone or in person unpleasant, particularly if they reverberate. [caption id="attachment_1235" align="aligncenter" width="638"]home office sound panels Our Sherbet sound panels brighten home office walls while dampening sound[/caption] Thankfully Versare has telecommuters covered with Sound Stones. These sound-dampening acoustic panels feature a premium construction not found on rival sound panels, which commonly feature fiberglass foam cores. Sound Stones utilize a 100% recyclable 2000-gram density nonwoven polyester to dampen sound in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. With over 20 acoustical fabric colors to choose from, these sound panels can complement any home office decor. Our new fabric color, Sherbet, will make your walls pop and add warmth to your walls with a bright orange flair. orange acoustic panelsWhether you're meeting with clients, conducting phone or web meetings, or simply trying to focus without the click-clack of your typing echoing off the walls, Sound Stones will enhance the serenity of your home office. Versare can't prevent cat steps on your keyboard, dog barks during phone calls, or noisy neighbors mowing their lawns, but we can offer a stylish and affordable sound-dampening solution to your home office space.