How to Improve Your Outdoor Space This Summer

How to Improve Your Outdoor Space This Summer

May 9th 2019

How to Improve Your Outdoor Space This Summer

With summer only weeks away, and after a long winter, much of the population is beginning to head outdoors to enjoy the warming weather. The usual place to start is the backyard, patio or a balcony. A lot goes into making these outdoor living spaces enjoyable, but perhaps the most important aspect is privacy.

While it may sound like a great idea to head outside and enjoy outdoor living, it can be short lived when a nosy neighbor starts to intrude, or when the 5 seconds each passerby stares at what you are doing begins to add up to virtually no privacy at all.

What about that shared patio or balcony, wouldn’t it be nice to have a stylish privacy wall so you can enjoy an outdoor meal in the company of only those you invited?

Consider those items outdoor in storage that you don’t always want to see, and in some cases are an eye sore?

Fences are expensive, and you need to keep your pet in its designated space, and others out – what do you do?

A simple and affordable solution is the Outdoor Wicker Partition line by Versare.

For as little as $175 you can transform your outdoor living space into a functional and independent area for you to enjoy summer activities. A perfect fit for any sized space, the Outdoor Wicker Partitions provide the versatility to design outdoor living space. Durable, stable and easy to store, the line features stand-alone, folding and configurable options.

Get yours, and improve your outdoor living space this summer! Call our Design Team today!